Affordable CPAP Machines, Masks and Supplies for Sleep Apnea

Tired of the Hassle and Expense of Ordering Your CPAP Supplies?

You're not alone. Our customers have shared their frustrations with the old way ...

It feels like I waste so much time at my doctor's office just trying to get my prescription renewed."

What a waste! Believe it or not, the only way I could really get the cushions and filters I needed was to re-buy the whole darned CPAP kit. Why can't I just buy the parts I really need?"

Can you believe I've missed WEEKS of work because I couldn't jump through all the hoops to get my CPAP supplies so my DOT health card would stay squared away?"

I'm just fed up. I feel like I'm paying a price I didn't negotiate for a product I don't get to choose, and I'm pretty much at the mercy of what my insurance company decides is best for me."

We've heard it all, and we agree: The old way of getting your CPAP machine and supplies stinks.
That's why we're glad you found CPAP My Way.

CPAP Therapy So Easy, You Might Think You're Dreaming

Even though it might feel like the old way of getting your CPAP supplies is written in stone, it's not. You really can skip the hassle of unnecessary doctor's visits every 90 days – and you can buy just what you need, and have it shipped automatically to your doorstep every month.

Whether you're just starting your research on whether you might need CPAP therapy, or you're an old pro, you'll find that is the way to go.

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