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CPAP Repair

Figuring out how, when, and where to complete a CPAP repair are some very common issues that we run in to here at CPAPmyway. Not to mention the question of, “Is my CPAP even worth repairing?”. In this blog we are going to detail troubleshooting common CPAP issues, average CPAP repair Costs, where to get your CPAP repaired and how long CPAP repairs take. Let’s dive in.

Is my CPAP Really Broken?

That is a great question and is probably the most important. Believe it or not we are able to troubleshoot a vast majority of CPAP Issues. If you aren’t hearing an alarm or seeing an error message, then it is best to run through a few things first. Below are some quick trouble-shooting techniques to check out before you decide to proceed with the CPAP repair process.
  1. Hearing a popping or crackling noise in your CPAP?

    This is one of the issues that we hear the most. In 90% of the cases this is due to water in the CPAP tubing. The water may be so minimal that you don’t even see it. So, take the time to dry the CPAP tube out thoroughly before you write this off. The best way to dry out the tubing is to remove it entirely and drape it over a door for a few hours. You can also empty the water chamber in your CPAP and run it dry for an hour or so to help (this is as long as you do not have features on the CPAP to shut down on disconnect).
  2. Feeling like there isn’t as much pressure as there was before on your CPAP?

    This is also a very common concern for CPAP users, and it almost always boils down to one issue… the filter. If you are not changing out your disposable CPAP filter monthly or washing your reusable CPAP filter monthly, then you need to start immediately. If your CPAP motor cannot pull enough air, then it can’t push enough air. Take a look at the filter. It can also be related to a worn blower motor or board issue.
  3. My CPAP motor sounds like it is groaning or making a funny noise

    Once again this is almost always due to a lack of maintenance on the CPAP Machine. Usually due to a clogged filter that hasn’t been changed or washed. Please check the filter first. If that isn’t the issue, then there may be more going on and might require a CPAP repair.
  4. My CPAP machine is making a hissing noise or is leaking air

    Leaking air noises are almost always fixable in the home. We recommend starting at the mask seal and working your way back all the way to the machine. Carefully disconnect and reconnect each segment starting with the CPAP Mask Cushion to the frame, then to the CPAP tube connection to the mask, then the CPAP Tube connection to the CPAP Machine, then finally the humidifier chamber and connection. Chances are one of these junctions have come loose. It may also be due to a bad mask seal. Replacing the mask seal is always a good bet in this scenario. a $25 fix is way better than 2 weeks without your CPAP only to hear that, “nothing is wrong with your CPAP”. Additionally, make sure to pay extra attention to the water chamber and humidifier area. There are usually a few seals there that can tear or become defective. Those seals are usually replaceable for minimal cost.

What do CPAP Repairs Cost?

CPAP Repair can range in cost dramatically. Especially between repair facilities. Luckily there are some options that provide pretty steady pricing levels that we can give you here. The price levels will completely depend on what is actually wrong with the CPAP Machine and what needs to be repaired. Below we have the 4 different “typical” repair cost levels.
  1. Cosmetic or surface level CPAP Repair

    These issues are typically due to cracks on the CPAP somewhere or a bad seal on the CPAP somewhere. The typical cost of this type of CPAP repair is about $130, and is pretty quick to turn around.
  2. One major component repair on the CPAP

    There are two major components on the CPAP machine. The Blower/Motor and the Circuit Board. If one of these components is in need of repair on your CPAP, then you are looking at around $275-$375 for repair of that part.
  3. Both major components need to be repaired on your CPAP

    If both the blower/motor and the circuit board need to be repaired, then you are looking at around $475 to repair that CPAP. In this case you may want to consider replacement of the CPAP. For not much more money you can get a newer CPAP that is under warranty. We have a simple CPAP Prescription Renewal Process to make this really simple for you. Click here to learn more. 
  4. Bipap repair or high-end repair

    If you are on a Bipap, Bipap St, or Bipap ASV then repair costs are a bit higher as well. We see most of these repair costs around the $475 mark as well. In this case the cost of replacement is pretty high, so it is definitely worth looking into the repair.

How to get a CPAP repair estimate?

It is actually pretty easy to get an estimate to repair your CPAP Machine. In many cases it is actually free to get a CPAP repair estimate including free shipping to the CPAP repair facility. To make things easy on you we have partnered with a great CPAP repair company. They are a contracted repair facility for almost all major manufactures. That means that if your unit is still under warranty then they can bill the CPAP repair cost to the Manufacturer instead of you. Additionally, this gives you peace of mind that there are no corners being cut on your CPAP repair. To arrange a CPAP repair estimate use one of the following methods to contact them.
  1. Phone- (888) 551-5267. Be sure to let them know that CPAPmyway sent you for your CPAP repair estimate.

  2. Email- info@altraservice.com

  3. Online- Click here to fill out your quick repair form

How long does a CPAP repair take?

CPAP repair time can range significantly at times but is usually pretty steady. On average we see about a 1 week turnaround on the CPAP. Keep in mind that this does not include shipping times. So overall it will be about 2 weeks give or take that you need to plan on being without the CPAP. Of course there are things that can slow down the repair. The things that can slow down repair time on the CPAP are:
  • Your response time- If you don’t respond then nothing can happen. Be sure to watch out for your repair estimate and respond in a timely manner.
  • Backorder issues- There are times where the manufacturers get behind. When this happens it can take quite some time to get the parts to repair you CPAP Machine. It can range in weeks to even a month or longer in these cases.
  • Backups at the CPAP repair facility- There are also times when the repair facility is just behind. This usually doesn’t add on any more than a week or so to the timeline for repair.

Is your CPAP worth repairing?

CPAP repair is only something that should be done when you have considered all the options. Since the shipping to the repair facility and the CPAP repair estimate is free it is worth considering for sure. This is something that only you can answer and there are a few things to take into consideration.
  • Cost of CPAP repair- If it is going to cost you about as much to repair the CPAP as it would to just buy a new CPAP, then it is probably not worth repairing. Unless you want to get the CPAP repaired so that you have a backup for that new one. Click here to checkout prices on a new CPAP Machine for comparison.
  • Age of the Broken CPAP- If you CPAP machine is over 5 years old, then it is probably not worth repairing. Generally, CPAP machines will last 5 years, but at that point you will be asking for more issues in the not to distant future. So it is usually better to replace the CPAP machine. Additionally, parts pieces, and download functionalities are discontinued as they phase out older models.
  • Tech features- Your old CPAP probably does not have the latest and greatest features available to the newest CPAP. Most of the time the newer CPAP machines have great app for tracking your Sleep Results and are much smaller. So, an upgrade may add a lot more value to be considered.

How to get a new CPAP Machine

Buying a new CPAP instead of repairing the old one might be your best bet. In those cases we have some great CPAP options (click here) as well as a really easy CPAP Prescription renewal service (click here) to help as well. You can simply add your new CPAP Machine and the Prescription renewal service to your cart and checkout online. We will get your updated Prescription done and your new CPAP machine shipped in 1 business day. If you have a current CPAP prescription or want your doctor to send one over that is great as well. Simply email your CPAP prescription to cs@cpapmyway.com or have it faxed to 888-603-7379. Then proceed with your new CPAP machine purchase.
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What is the best CPAP Cleaner in 2021?

Check out our most recent video on the Best Choices for CPAP Cleaners. Learn about Ozone CPAP Cleaners, UV CPAP Cleaners and the safety of using these CPAP Cleaners on your CPAP Machine.

What types of CPAP Cleaners are available?

We classify CPAP Cleaners into 3 separate categories: Integrated Ozone CPAP Cleaners, Isolated Ozone CPAP Cleaners, and UV CPAP Cleaners. So for 2021 we are here to give you our Top Picks for each CPAP Cleaner Category.  

Integrated Ozone CPAP Cleaner Pick

We define the Integrated Ozone CPAP Cleaner as one that remains connected to your CPAP device on a semi-permanent basis. Basically, these are the CPAP Cleaners that come with adapters that allow a direct connection to the CPAP Machine. Some examples of this type of CPAP Cleaner would be the SoClean, the Zoey, or any of the other options like that out there on the market. For our top CPAP Cleaner choice we took into account quite a few things. The main criteria were: ease of use, effectiveness, and safety, amongst many other experience-related concerns that we have compiled over the years. That is why we came to the choice of the SoClean 2 as our Top Pick for Integrated Ozone CPAP Cleaner for 2021. That doesn’t mean that the other options in this category aren’t good or are not a good fit for you. It just means that they did not check quite as many boxes on our criteria list as the other options on out list.

SoClean 2

The SoClean 2 is probably not new to you. Unless you have been under a rock, you know that even Captain Kirk uses the SoClean 2. The truth is that the SoClean is an industry leader for a reason (yes much of it is due to great marketing), and it has defined the Integrated Ozone CPAP Cleaner category for many years now. They have put a ton of effort into making sure that their product is Safe and Effective, by employing private lab testing on efficacy and safety of the SoClean CPAP Cleaner. Additionally the SoClean has patented processes that make it the only Integrated Ozone CPAP Cleaner option that can do what it does. The ability to tie the SoClean directly to your CPAP with their adapters makes this CPAP Cleaner the most set-it and forget-it option out there. Once you have your SoClean connected to your CPAP there is very little left to do other than drop in your mask and press the Start Button. In fact, you can actually schedule the unit to turn itself on so that you don’t even have to press the start button on this CPAP Cleaner.

Isolated CPAP Cleaner Top Pick

First and foremost, an Isolated CPAP Cleaner is defined as a one that does not adapt or attach to your CPAP Machine on a permanent basis. In most cases these models require you to take the disposable parts like the tubing, mask and water chamber off of the CPAP and put it in a bag or chamber for cleaning separate from the CPAP Machine. They are usually a little more work than the Integrated Options, but can provide other really nice advantages like portability and easy storage. For this category we took a few things into account as well. The most important features were: safety, effectiveness, durability, portability, and user-friendly design. There are so many options in this category and coming up with our top CPAP Cleaner here was difficult. However, we decided that the Sleep8 was the best choice for this category.

Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

The Sleep8 has been around for a couple years now and has really caught on as a popular option. In the Isolated category there are a ton of options (most of which are junk) so finding just one was not an easy task. The things that set the Sleep8 apart are really all a results of good craftsmanship. First and foremost the Sleep8 is very reliable/durable. We have sold a bunch of other models in this category and many of them have not done well over time. We are pleased to say that we have sold tons of Sleep8 CPAP Cleaners, and I can count the number of broken units on my fingers. Additionally, Sleep8 has put in the effort to make sure that they have been independently verified by US Labs to be Safe and Effective. Not many others can say that. One other really nice deal about the Sleep8 is the travel friendly design. The unit is only 5.25″ Long x 3.25″ Wide x 2.25″ Tall. Making it one of the smallest on the market. Plus the sterile bag is easily folded up and stowed away if you are on the road. This has been a great CPAP Cleaner for truck drivers especially. Another great Feature is the fact that you do not need any adapters at all. Whether you are using heated tubing or use a travel CPAP…. not adapters needed. The final feature that we really appreciated is that there is no Ozone Intrusion into your CPAP Machine. Most of the CPAP Cleaners out there force Ozone back into the CPAP Machine which can cause damage over time. The only real downside that we have noted on the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner is the manual process of removing your tubing and water chamber for cleaning. While it is a manual process, that makes it a little less appealing to the set-it and forget-it crowd, it does only take 30 seconds to do.

UV CPAP Cleaner Top Pick

UV CPAP Cleaners have been around for a while as well. They are typically a pretty simple design that includes a UV light in a confined area to kill anything growing on your CPAP Equipment. There are not as many models in this arena, but there are a few good ones. It is important to remember that to properly disinfect the junk growing in your CPAP Equipment, the UV light must touch the area that you are trying to disinfect. That means that if the cleaner you are buying isn’t project light from all angles, it is probably not doing a good job. The model that we have selected does an incredible job at making sure the UV light hits all surfaces of the CPAP Equipment that you put in it. For this choice wo took quite a few things into account including: size, safety, effectiveness, longevity, and options.  Our pick is a new-comer for the industry, but has quickly gained popularity. Introducing the Liviliti Paptizer.

Liviliti Paptizer UV CPAP Cleaner

The Liviliti Paptizer has some great features that make it an exceptional choice in the UV CPAP Cleaner category. It has one of the largest cleaning chambers without sacrificing any counter space. The outside dimensions are 11.89″ x 10.59″ x 6.06″ and the the inside dimensions are 9.45″ x 7.68″ x 4.72″. No wasted space. The Paptizer features 40 UVC-LED bulbs that surround the inside of the cleaner. This makes sure that the UV light is hitting the CPAP Equipment that you put inside from all angles. Many others in this category only have one bulb at the top of the device with mirrored sides for reflection. The biggest differentiating factor though was the 3 different run options on the Paptizer. It has the option of a quick 3 minute UV cycle, Clean and Store option, or the Clean, Dry and Store option. This gives you the ability not only to quickly sterilize your CPAP Equipment, but also to keep it clean and dry until you are ready to use it. On top of all that, the Paptizer can be used on a ton of other household items like remote controls, phones, toothbrushes, etc. So this really is a very dynamic option.  

There are a ton of CPAP Cleaners to choose from. These are the 3 that we recommend the most. That does not mean that they have to be the best for you. We would be happy for you to check out all of the CPAP Cleaner options that we have online. As always feel free to reach out to us via email (cs@cpapmyway.com), phone (813-704-6038), or chat online.  
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