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An Update on Current CPAP Shortages

You may be wondering right now why you are having to wait so long to get your new CPAP machine. Well….. that is a long story, so buckle up. Currently, we have a few major factors facing the CPAP industry. We will explain what those factors are and how you can attempt to navigate them to make sure that you get what you need. In addition to the update here we are extending a 20% discount using coupon code: 2021. This discount is on EVERYTHING CPAP related except CPAP Machines. It is a great time to get CPAP Cleaners, Batteries, or other supplies you are in need of.

Covid Related CPAP Part Shortages

We all know that Covid-19 has caused major shut downs all over the world. The CPAP market is no exception to that. From chip shortages, to shortages of components like power cords, it has had a huge affect on CPAP Machines. Starting back in April of 2020 we received notifications from our major suppliers, like ResMed and Respironics, telling us that they were having trouble. Those troubles started with a shortage of shipping options. Evidently, most air freight shipments come in the underbelly of passenger jets. When people stopped flying internationally, air freight shipments slowed to a crawl. This means that those spaces on flights for freight went up on cost significantly and increased shipping times dramatically. As the spread of Covid continued, factory shutdowns, and worker shortages only added to the fire. To an extent, much of these obstacles were overcome by the first quarter of 2021. At that point, when things seemed to normalize, the next shoe dropped.

Philips Issues a CPAP Recall

In the spring of 2021 we were notified by Philips that all of our DreamStation orders were on hold. This seemed like just another backorder at the time. It was shortly after that when our representative called to let us know that we now could buy the DreamStation 2. She advised that we should switch all pending DreamStation 1 orders to the DreamStation 2. We saw this as a great deal since we had been excitedly waiting for the DreamStation 2. We launched the DreamStation 2 and went on with life a usual until……. we saw a news article. Philips announced that they were issuing a recall for over 4 million CPAP machines. We were not notified in any way ahead of the media release, so we were caught off guard. The day that happened, Philips stopped producing the DreamStation 2 for general distribution, and geared all production towards the recall. This meant that we would no longer be able to purchase the DreamStation 2 for distribution to CPAP users. To explain that mathematically, about half of CPAP production for customers in the United States disappeared overnight. Click here to visit the Philips Recall Website.

Philips CPAP Users Ran for the Hills

Slowly but surely Philips CPAP users began to receive notice that their CPAP Machines were on recall for potentially harmful foam related issues. Naturally, those Philips CPAP users wanted to get an alternative CPAP as quickly as they possibly could. This increased demand for new CPAP machines dramatically. ResMed is the only real competitor to Philips capable of producing large amounts of CPAPs. So ResMed has worked very hard to attempt to help fill the demand for CPAP Machines. To be as fair as possible to their wholesale customers like CPAPmyway, ResMed is issuing monthly “allocations” of CPAP Machines. This means that CPAP companies can only buy a limited amount of CPAP machines every month from ResMed. So companies like us are receiving double and triple the orders that we are accustomed to, and only receiving half of the CPAPs that we were accustomed to receiving.

What does all this mean for CPAP users?

This boils down to two main issues for CPAP users:
  1. Prices are going up quickly– Your initial reaction may be that CPAP Companies are price gauging to take advantage of CPAP Customers. In most cases that is not true. We have been receiving routine emails from almost all CPAP Manufacturers notifying us of price increases. In order to survive we have to increase the Retail Price in conjunction with the Wholesale Price. Hopefully, this will not be a sustained increase, and we will see wholesale pricing level off and decline in the future. If you don’t absolutely need a CPAP right now, then you may want to consider waiting till things cool off.
  2. Long waits for CPAP Machines– The fact of the matter is that there are way less CPAPs available than customers needing new CPAP Machines. For customers here are CPAPmway this has resulted in backorders of about 6-8 weeks. If you need a CPAP Machine currently, get on the list for one ASAP. The backorder timeline has done nothing but increase over the past few months.
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iBreeze Auto CPAP by Resvent

iBreeze Auto CPAP Overview:

iBreeze Auto CPAP is a great new CPAP that we have recently added to the CPAP selections here at CPAPmyway. As always, when we bring a CPAP to you, it is because we have found it to be a good product. The last thing that we want is an issue with warranties, or defects. The iBreeze has passed that test. The iBreeze Auto CPAP has all of the features that you want and need from an Auto CPAP plus the comforts to make it a great option. In our comparisons to other top-of-the-line CPAP models, the iBreeze came out as legitimate competitor. Check out our detailed Demonstation and review video above as well as the comparison video at the bottom of this page.

iBreeze Auto CPAP Features:

  • Beautiful color display- The 3.5″ LCD screen allows you to navigate the menu with ease, and also makes reviewing your results clear and easy.
  • Intelligent Pressure Release– The iBreeze has a great pressure reduction feature for easier exhalation. It can be adjusted from 0-3 for your comfort.
  • Smart Ramp- The ramp system on the iBreeze allows you to fall asleep with ease at a reduced pressure, and then gently increases to therapy pressures after you have fallen asleep.
  • Smart Humidification System- The heated humidifier on this iBreeze auto CPAP takes your room temperature and humidity into account so that you get the humidification that you need without causing “rain-out” or excess condensation.
  • Therapy and Compliance monitoring– the iMatrix software allows your CPAP provider to report on your Therapy metrics for follow up or Compliance purposes. The iBreeze monitors and reports on Compliance Usage, Apnea Hypopnea Index. Central Apnea Index, Snoring Index, Flow Limitations, R.E.R.A., Periodic Breathing and more.
  • Detailed Features– Automatic altitude adjustment, automatic leak compensation, intelligent tube drying, power save mode, on-screen patient therapy reporting, Auto Start and Auto Stop, power failure alarm and more.

iBreeze Pros and Cons


  • Small Footprint– this CPAP only takes up 9.4″ X 7″ on your nightstand. We all know how important the real estate is on your nightstand. Don’t use any more than you have to.
  • Lightweight– This CPAP weighs in at under 3.5 lbs. This makes traveling with your CPAP much easier. It packs away nicely in the travel case that is included.
  • Quiet- at less than 20 decibels the iBreeze is so quiet you probably will not even know that it is running. I know that when my wife used it I could not hear a thing.
  • Large LCD Screen– It can be a real pain to see what is going on with your CPAP at night when you don’t have your contacts in. This 3.5 inch display helps you see clearly.
  • Universal design– You can use any mask that you like with this CPAP Machine. It has a universal 22mm connection, so do not worry whether your favorite mask will work.


  • No Apps for following your data- Up to this point there is not an App available on the Apple or Android Market. There is hope that it will be available soon, but as of now you can not connect your CPAP to any app to see your data.
  • No wireless connectivity– the data on this CPAP is strictly stored and transferred with the SD card. So in order to obtain a report for your Compliance and Therapy needs, you must manually pull the card and download it to a computer.
  • No Heated Tubing Option– If you are someone that requires a heated tube, then this CPAP may not be for you. Most customers do not require heated tubing. So this more than likely will not be an issue for you.

Our Personal Experience with the iBreeze vs the largest CPAP competitor

Caitlin’s thoughts on the iBreeze

My wife Caitlin has been using the AirSense 10 for her Auto CPAP for years. She LOVES this CPAP and has had no issues at all. As a great husband it is my responsibility to test everything that we sell on her :). So she gave the iBreeze a shot for a few nights and had the following to say about her experience: “I love my AirSense 10 Autoset for her, and have used it for 3+ years. I tried the iBreeze and after some small adjustments to comfort features, slept great. It was quiet, easy to use and really comfortable.”
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Solar Battery Charger for Portable Outlet CPAP Battery

Check out our Demo Video on the Portable Outlet CPAP Battery

Portable Outlet Solar Battery Charger

The Solar Battery Charger for the Portable Outlet is an awesome tool for off-the-grid CPAP users. Not only can you charge your Portable Outlet CPAP Battery in just a few hours, but you can recharge your phone or other attachable devices at the same time. The Solar charger features a DC outlet that plugs directly into your Portable Outlet CPAP Battery as well as a Type-C and USB outlet for other devices. In an estimated 4-5 hours of direct sunlight you can recharge your CPAP Battery directly from the sun. So if you are concerned about power outages or you need a power option for camping, then this charger is worth looking in to.

How to use this Solar Battery Charger

Charging your Portable Outlet CPAP Battery with this Solar charger is a real no-brainer. Follow these quick steps to keep your CPAP running on the power of the sun.
  1. Unfold your Solar panel until all 4 panels are exposed.
  2. Open the back flap and connect your Portable Outlet CPAP Battery using the DC cord provided. It connects to the DC out on the solar charger to the DC in on the side of the battery.
  3. Place the Solar panels in direct sunlight with all 4 panels facing the sun as directly as possible. Be sure to keep the battery in the shade so that it does not get too hot.
  4. Give the sun 4-5 hours and check the battery. The display will show you the charge level. Time for complete recharge will depend on solar factors and current battery charge.
  5. Once fully charged you can experience uninterrupted CPAP therapy on Battery for 10+ hours.
There is no limit to the amount of times you can recharge your CPAP Battery by sunlight via this Solar Battery Charger. So you can enjoy CPAP therapy while camping, RV’ing, boating, or on your next hike.

Does this Solar Battery Charger Really work?

We had the same question when we received our first shipment of these Solar chargers…. so we put it to the test. You can see the details in our video above. We have also put the findings below in 30 minute increments. It is important to note that we are in Florida so we do have a lot of sunlight. We started this test and did not know that the weather was not great. So we think that it was a pretty accurate test of the Solar Battery Charger’s capabilities in a real world circumstance.

Solar Panel charge time for Battery:

  • 9:30 am- We hooked up the battery to the solar charger and placed it on top of our vehicle in front of the office. Placed the battery under the panel to keep it in the shade.
  • 10:00 am- Checked the battery and it was already at 34% charge with minimal solar overcast from clouds.
  • 10:30am- The Battery had stopped charging at 40% because one of the panels had blown shut in the breeze which shut down the charging. Reopened the panel and charging restarted immediately. Not sure how long the panel was closed so not a great indication on this 30 minute increment.
  • 11:00 am- Much lower sunlight due to building clouds and battery is at 42% charge.
  • 11:30 am- 52% charge and pretty heavy overcast clouds. Pulled the battery and solar charger inside while at lunch, and will continue after lunch time. It continued to rain so we had to restart charging at 10 am the next day.
  • 10:00 am (following day)- 50% starting the charge again.
  • 10:30 am- Battery was at 55% charge.
  • 11:00 am- Battery was at 68% and in really full sunlight.
  • 11:15-Battery was at 75%, had to pull it inside due to rain….again.
  • 10:00 am (following day) battery was at 75%
  • 10:30 am- Battery at 90% and in good sunlight
  • 11:00 am- Battery at 95% and in good sunlight
  • 11:45 am- Battery was at 100% charge and we were done.

Click here to Check Out the Portable Outlet Solar Charger for CPAP Battery

What did we think about this Solar Charger?

Overall, I would say that this was a pretty “as-expected” performance of this Solar Charger. It started off charging very quickly and then really started to slow down on the second half of the charge (in very mixed conditions). This concerned me until I compared it to recharging the battery via a typical wall AC outlet. It recharged from the AC outlet in a very similar way. We probably should have checked the weather prior to starting the charge on the first day, because the tale end of Tropical Storm Ida was coming through and we got a lot of clouds and then about 14 hours of rain on day one. The second morning was a lot better to start with but ended up the same. It took a 3rd morning of charging before we were able to get the 100% charge. All that being said in a mixed sunlight condition the Solar Panel charged the battery in about 5 hours total. It gave a pretty good “real-world” understanding of what you can expect in mixed conditions. If you had 5 hours of full sunlight you can expect to be able to recharge your Portable Outlet CPAP Battery fully.
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The First Antimicrobial CPAP Tube

Healthyhose CPAP Tube

We are always happy to show off new products, and this one is no exception. The Healthyhose Pro is the first Antimicrobial CPAP Tube. This means that it is built to kill bacteria itself. The days of soaking your hose, rinsing, drying and then repeating are over. It is ISO 22196 Certified. This means that it has been through the stringent process of verification for its Antimicrobial properties. Plus, it is MADE IN THE USA. Many CPAP users tell us that the largest pain in cleaning their CPAP supplies is the tubing. That is because you can’t really get inside to scrub easily, it is hard to dry out, and it seems like something is always growing in there. With the new Healthyhose you have the benefit of knowing that bacteria isn’t growing in the tube that you breath through every night.

What is ISO 22196 certification?

The standard ISO 22196 test method is designed to test the ability of plastics and other similar materials to kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms, over a 24 hour period of contact. Standard antimicrobial testing for ISO 22196 is against both organisms, S. aureus and E. coli. This is the method used to validate the effectiveness of the Healthyhose CPAP tube. The results of the ISO 22196 testing for the Healthyhose CPAP tube is below for reference.

Healthyhose CPAP Tube Specifications

  • 6 foot CPAP Tube length
  • Standard 22 mm tubing cuff (universal fit for most CPAP Machines and Masks)
  • Eliminates and prevents up to 99.99% of bacteria
  • Made in the USA
  • Lasts 3 months+ before you need to replace this tube

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Simplest CPAP Battery Available

Portable Outlet CPAP Battery

The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery makes life on CPAP much easier. This CPAP Battery connects in-line with your CPAP so that if you lose power during the night, your CPAP battery takes over and continues to power your CPAP. It does this without any glitch or blink in power. Do not worry about storm season, power outages, or natural disasters anymore. This battery gives you legitimate peace of mind while using your CPAP.

Second Generation CPAP Battery Upgrades

This is the second generation of the Portable Outlet CPAP Battery, and they put some great improvements on this model. These upgrades set this battery apart from others in a number of ways.
  • LG battery Cells- The Cells in the Portable outlet CPAP Battery are not some junky knockoff like most on the market. They are high-end LG Lithium Ion Cells.
  • No connectors needed- The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery has a built in AC plug. So you can plug your CPAP into the Battery in the same way you would plug it into the wall.
  • Works with all CPAP models- Don’t worry about whether this CPAP Battery will work with your particular CPAP Model. This one does.
  • Available Solar Charger- If you need to be off-the-grid for a lengthy period of time, then the Solar Charger might be your ticket. Recharge this CPAP Battery in 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.
  • USB Power Port- Power more than just your CPAP on this battery. You can connect your Phone at the same time as your CPAP and keep your device charged in the event of a power outage as well.
  • Uninterruptable power supply- The Portable Outlet works in-line with the CPAP power supply. This allows the Battery to take over power seamlessly in the even of a power outage. No CPAP Therapy interruption at all.

Portable Outlet CPAP Battery Specifications

  • Dimensions are 5.5″ x 9″ x 1.5″
  • Weight is 2 lbs
  • USB output is 5 Volts and 3 Amps
  • AC outlet is 110 Volts and 60hz
  • Duration is 10-14 hours on most CPAP Models.
  • Warranty is 1 year
  • Longevity is 500+ charge cycles
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