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Picking the right Travel CPAP for you and your lifestyle can be tricky. This is because each of them has pros and cons that make them more or less fitting for you. Below we will review and score the different Travel CPAP models that are available and how they might best fit you. You can even check out our videos here to get an up close and personal review of the options we carry.

Top Things to Consider on Travel CPAPs:

Every Travel CPAP has its own set of benefits and draw backs. We have sold thousands of Travel CPAPs over the years and have a ton of feedback and experience. Our goal here is to provide a summary of that feedback and make CPAPmyway your top Travel CPAP resource. Before we get to each model below, let’s setup the important things that you should consider before you look at the options. In the details of each model, we will score each category from 1 to 5 and detail our findings.

Top Travel CPAP Consideration Categories:

  • Sound- While Travel CPAPs are really small, they do sacrifice the insulation that a home CPAP has. That insulation makes the Home CPAPs much quieter. Some Travel CPAPs are quieter than others.
  • Size– Obviously Travel CPAPs are much smaller than the home counterparts. But they all have different dimensions and overall size. This is important to consider when you think of where you will use and pack yours.
  • Compatibility– Not all Travel CPAPs have the ability to use standard tubing and mask. This may be one of the largest issues for people to consider.
  • Humidification– Most options here do not have a heated humidifier. Instead, they use HMEs (Heat Moisture Exchangers). We have a detailed blog here that you should come back to, to explain HMEs in detail.
  • Compliance and Therapy reporting– If you need reports from your CPAP for a job or for medical reasons, then this can be a huge concern for you. Some have little to none, and others are fully integrated.
  • Connectivity– If you really like to track your Sleep Metrics on an App or software, then pay attention to this part. Some have great integrations and others do not.
  • Longevity and Durability– Some Travel CPAPs can last years with everyday use while others are really only good for trips here and there.
  • Price– Everyone has a budget. Prices can vary widely on these options.

Transcend Micro Travel CPAP Review:

The Transcend Micro is the newest horse in the Travel CPAP race. It is also the smallest available currently. Somnetics is the manufacturer, and they are the original travel CPAP maker. So, you can be sure that they know what they are doing. While it is the latest/greatest and the smallest it has some drawbacks to consider. Let’s jump into those details.

Micro Scores: 3.75 Overall

  • Sound: 4 – This unit is by no means as quiet as a home CPAP, but for a Travel CPAP it is pretty quiet. Especially with the tube muffler to reduce tube noise.
  • Size: 5 – There is nothing smaller in the CPAP world.
  • Compatibility: 4 – This unit works with any mask available but must use the Transcend Micro Tubing to make the connection.
  • Humidification: 4 – The AirMist HME for this unit is pretty good, but certainly not a Heated Humidifier like home CPAPs.
  • Reporting: 2 – There is currently no way to create a compliance report for DOT or doctor purposes from this unit without sending the entire unit back to us for that to be done.
  • Connectivity: 3 – This unit is equipped with Bluetooth and has the MySleepDash App to view your Therapy Metrics on your phone.
  • Durability: 4 – We have carried the Transcend Micro for about 6 months now and have had only a handful of returns. So far so good.
  • Price: 4 – For all that this model has it is priced fairly in the middle of the road.

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Comparison Review:

The AirMini has been a top choice for Travel on CPAP for a number of years now. It is really small and very easy to pack away. Made by ResMed so you can count on quality. The AirMini does however have its drawbacks, but those may or may not be a concern to you. So, let’s get to the rating details.

AirMini Scores: 4 Overall

  • Sound: 5 – The AirMini is as quiet as you can expect a Travel CPAP to be. You can have some inhale and exhale noise from the Humidx HME though.
  • Size: 4 – This unit is super small. Not the smallest, but still very small.
  • Compatibility: 2 – You must use a ResMed AirMini compatible mask and AirMini Tubing on this unit. They are high quality, but you do not have options outside of ResMed.
  • Humidification: 4 – It has a great Humidx HME, but you must use their proprietary HME. You cannot use the cheaper off brands.
  • Reporting: 4 – You can get a full Compliance and Therapy report by linking your AirMini to the AirMini App. Only drawback is that it will not tie in with the data from your home ResMed CPAP if you have one.
  • Connectivity: 5 – Has a high functioning Bluetooth and app for tracking your data on the AirMini App.
  • Durability: 5 – No issues to report on this model at all. Great durability.
  • Price: 3 – This one is a little pricier than the others but might just be worth it for you.

Breas Z2 Travel CPAP Comparison Review:

The Z2 Travel CPAP is a very common purchase for our customers. It is also a very lightweight and travel friendly option. It has been around for a while now, so we have a good deal of feedback from users.

Z2 Scores: 3.5 Overall

  • Sound: 3 – The Z2 is a little louder than other options. The Sound Muffler can help with that.
  • Size: 4 – This unit is very small and lightweight.
  • Compatibility: 5 – This unit will work with any Standard CPAP Tube or CPAP Mask.
  • Humidification: 4 – Z2 will work with any generic HME. Not going to be as good as a Heated Humidifier, but great for travel.
  • Reporting: 2 – Reporting from the Z2 can be tough. Might even require you to send the unit back to the supplier.
  • Connectivity: 3 – Bluetooth works pretty well on the Z2 Nitelog App. The app has some drawbacks that make it a bit difficult.
  • Durability: 3 – We have had mixed reviews on durability.
  • Price: 4 – The Z2 has a good price point for a Travel CPAP.
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