ResMed AirCurve 11 Bilevel – Full Review , Pros, and Cons

  • By Clay Rollyson
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If you are in the market for a new Bilevel or Bipap Machine, then you must check out the AirCurve 11 from ResMed. This brand new Bilevel gives you a ton of great new features as well as keeping the “good ‘ol” features that you loved from the previous model. It is always nice to have upgrades without sacrificing the things that have always worked well. In this blog we will discuss the details of the AirCurve 11 that set it apart from other options available.

What is new on the ResMed AirCurve 11 Bilevel?

ResMed is always leading the way in the sleep world, and the AirCurve 11 Bilevel is a great example of that ingenuity. This new machine keeps many of the excellent features from the AirCurve 10, but there are also some significant upgrades. Let’s look over a few of those improvements.

AirCurve 11 Upgrades:

  • Connectivity– You now not only have the ability to stay connected to your app for daily therapy details, but now the AirCurve 11 will allow for updates to internal software automatically. It also has the ability to Bluetooth when cell coverage is unavailable.
  • Touchscreen menu– No more turning and twisting knobs. The touchscreen on this new unit makes navigating your menus incredibly simple.
  • Oximetry integration– Connect a pulse oximeter to pair your detailed Blood Oxygen levels and heart rate with your CPAP usage and compliance data.
  • New modern look– The all-white look and low profile give the AirCurve 11 a great modern look on the nightstand.
  • Size– The dimensions of this new model make it much easier to travel with and to find space for on the nightstand.

AirCurve 11 Bilevel Cons:

As with anything that has been updated, you will find a few things that you don’t prefer. Those are pretty hard to find and maybe I am splitting hairs, but there are a few things that you will want to consider before the upgrade to the AirCurve 11 Bilevel.

AirCurve 11 Downsides:

  • New Heated tubing– If you are upgrading from an older ResMed Bilevel you unfortunately will not be able to use your old heated tubing on the new AirCurve 11.
  • New Filters– You also will not be able to use your old filters from the Air 10 or S9. Those two previous models had the exact same size filter, but that has changed now in the 11.
  • Auto off can be tricky– I am not a huge fan of the “Auto-off” feature in the 11 models. It seems a bit sensitive, and many customers have reported the unit turning off while in use due to large leaks. We have a great blog detailing that and how to fix it here.

My thoughts on the AirCurve 11 Overall:

Whenever ResMed releases a new product it deserves some attention. So, we have eagerly awaited the arrival of this new Bilevel. We have used the AirSense 11 CPAP for a couple years now, so the “look” of the new AirCurve 11 was no surprise. Visually, it is an awesome nightstand upgrade. It just looks way more modern. Operationally, the proven algorithm has stayed the same from the 10 to the eleven which is a great thing. Additionally, the ability to update and upgrade wirelessly is a huge plus. I would say that this new model is 100% worth the upgrade if you have enjoyed the AirCurve 10 from ResMed.