Auto-CPAP vs Set Pressure CPAP

  • By Clay Rollyson
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What is the difference between CPAP and Auto CPAP??

We get this question so often we thought it worth a blog post. Thankfully it is a short one. ;).

Standard CPAP or Set-Pressure CPAP refers to the CPAP Machine being set at one constant pressure. For instance, CPAP of 12cm. The machine will go to a pressure of 12 cm every night forever, unless your physician recommends a change to that pressure. Your pressure is typically determined from a Titration which is the 2nd part of a Laboratory Sleep Study. The titration is where a Sleep Tech adjusts the CPAP pressure manually to the most optimal pressure for you. Then they recommend that pressure for your home CPAP.

  Auto-CPAP or Auto-Titrating CPAP refers to the CPAP being set at a range of pressures. For instance, Auto CPAP 4-20cm. The machine will titrate itself nightly to your most optimal pressure between the setting of 4-20 cm. Many more people are being ordered Auto-CPAP as opposed to fixed, set pressure CPAP. This is┬ábecause they were diagnosed via a Home Sleep Study and have not had a Titration study to find an optimal pressure.

  The reporting features in both the CPAP and Auto-CPAP will help the physician following your sleep therapy to determine if the pressure or pressure range is working adequately for you.

  We really recommend that if you are considering a new CPAP that you consider making it an Auto-CPAP, because then you have the option of using it as a Set-Pressure or as an Auto-CPAP. It’s worth the extra $ for sure.

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