Best Travel CPAP and Battery Combination Options

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Traveling with your CPAP off the grid, on a plane, or in areas where the power grid is unreliable can be a pain. That is until now. CPAP Batteries have come a long way and integrate wonderfully with Travel CPAPs. This makes using CPAP in places where electricity is an issue no problem at all. If you are considering Travel CPAP or backup CPAP power, then these combos are a great choice. Let’s check out the details.

AirMini Travel CPAP and Freedom Battery Combo:

This combination is really great for a few reasons. First is that the AirMini is a top-tier Travel CPAP. It is super small, simple, quiet and effective. To see all the details on the AirMini you can click here. Let’s dive into the details of what makes this combination so nice.

AirMini Freedom Battery Combo Features:

  • Long lasting– This combination has been purchased by a number of our customers. We have had feedback to show that it will last as much as 3 nights. We tested this combo and had almost 18 hours of run time at a setting of 10cm on the AirMini. Duration can vary based on settings.
  • Simple– The AirMini adapter that connects to the Freedom Battery is a simple little cord. No converters or inverters needed.
  • Backup power setup– You can connect the Freedom battery to the wall outlet, then the AirMini to the battery. In this setup you will be able to use regular AC power, but will switch to battery if the AC power goes out. No interruption to your therapy at all.
  • FAA compatible– Feel free to take this combo on your next flight and use it on the plane.
  • Clear battery indicator– The screen on the Freedom lets you know exactly where your charge level is.
  • Battery Flexibility– The Freedom battery has adapters for all modern CPAPs. Use this battery on your home CPAP as well.
  • AirMini is amazing– The AirMini is really a top choice. It is very quiet, lightweight, and performs really well.

Transcend Micro and Battery Combo:

The Transcend Micro Travel CPAP and PowerAway Battery are designed to work together. Both are made by Somnetics, and provide seamless CPAP therapy wherever your travels take you. For all the details on these two products you can click here to check out this combo in detail. Let’s look at the features that make this combo so ideal.

Transcend Combo Features:

  • Designed to work together– No extra cords needed. The power cord for the Transcend Micro is the same cord needed for the PowerAway battery.
  • Long battery life– At mid-level setting you can expect 2 nights of use off the grid.
  • FAA Compatible– Feel free to take this combo on your next flight for use on the plane as well as at your destination.
  • Seamless backup power– The PowerAway battery can be used in-line so that if the power goes out, the battery picks up for uninterrupted CPAP therapy.
  • Affordable– Somnetics keeps their products at a nice price level, so that this can be a real option for everyone.
  • Reliable– Both the battery and the Travel CPAP here can be counted on for long term use.
  • Smallest CPAP Available– The Micro is by far the smallest Travel CPAP you can get.