How to check your CPAP settings – Is your CPAP Working?

  • By Clay Rollyson
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If you have ever wondered whether your CPAP is still working like it should, then you are not alone. We have customers stop by our office all the time asking us to “check” their CPAP. We take the CPAP in the back, hook it up, and verify that the pressures are correct. It takes us about 2 minutes. So, it finally struck me, maybe we should teach people how to do this on their own. So here we go…

How to check your CPAP Pressure and Performance:

Checking your CPAP pressure on a simple CPAP Meter is pretty simple. Fortunately, there are inexpensive home versions that CPAP users can use on their own without taking the CPAP back to the provider. You can order one of these manometers by clicking here. Below are the steps to perform the function test of your CPAP:
  1. Disconnect the CPAP mask from the CPAP tubing. Be sure that you do not have a quick connector from your mask stuck in the end of the tubing.
  2. Plug the CPAP Meter gauge onto the end of the CPAP tube.
  3. Turn on the CPAP and hold the CPAP Meter gauge vertically, and as straight as possible.
  4. The ball will settle at the pressure your CPAP is pushing out.


Things to keep in mind while checking the CPAP pressure:

While this is a very simple process, there are some very simple things to keep in mind.
  • Make sure that your Pressure Relief setting is turned off. If you do not do this, the pressure gauge may look a little lower than it should.
  • The manometer gauge should be held as perfectly vertically as possible.
  • Be sure that there are no leaks from the humidifier all the way to the manometer gauge.
  • Be sure that you actually know what setting your CPAP is set at. It won’t help you to determine whether it is blowing the correct pressure if you do not know what pressure it is set at. This can be tricky when you have an Auto-CPAP on some models.