Clean CPAP and CPAP Supplies-Top 4 Tips

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Need to know how to clean your CPAP Machine and CPAP Supplies?

A Clean CPAP is a Happy CPAP. Putting off the Cleaning of your CPAP and supplies can seem like no big deal……until you think about what can be growing in those parts. It is never worth the risk to neglect proper maintenance of your CPAP Equipment. Failure to Clean your CPAP Equipment can literally make you sick.

What is the Process to Clean CPAP and CPAP Supplies?

The Manufacturers of your CPAP Machine and CPAP supplies recommend Daily Cleaning of those parts. The recommended process to clean you CPAP supplies is to fully disassemble them and wash them thoroughly in mild soap/detergent, rinse with hot water, and then allow them to air dry. That process can seem a little daunting, but a clean CPAP can be the difference between being sick and not being sick.

So how can you make Cleaning your CPAP Easier?

There are a few shortcuts when it comes to cleaning your CPAP and CPAP supplies.
  1. First thing you can do is empty your water chamber every day and set it out to air dry. This process takes seconds and really reduces the need to clean the water chamber as often. The water chamber is the number one way to grow mold and mildew in your CPAP Equipment.
  2. The second thing you can do to make Cleaning that CPAP easier is to use wipes on the Mask Cushion portion. Using Mask Wipes to Clean your CPAP Mask is really quick and easy. We sell Mask Wipes in a Wipe Dispenser that allows you to quickly clean the most at risk portion of your mask (the part that touches your face and nose) quickly and effectively. Click here to check out cleaning supplies.
  3. The third (and largest game changer) is to invest in an automatic CPAP Cleaner. These CPAP Cleaners are great for keeping your CPAP Equipment sterile on a daily basis. However it is important to remember that while the CPAP Cleaners Sterilize very effectively, they wont remove things like Skin Oil, or residue on your mask. So you may still need to wipe down your mask regularly as well, even with a CPAP Cleaner. Click here to check out CPAP Cleaners.
  4. Lastly, it is really important to remember that there is no need to Clean CPAP machines themselves (outside of normal dusting). The internal components of the CPAP machine do not need to be cleaned. The two parts that are on the CPAP and need to be cleaned are the CPAP Filters, and the Humidifier Water Tank. As long as you clean those two parts there nothing further needed to have a Clean CPAP. Of course you must Clean CPAP Tubing, Filters, and Masks. Many Ozone products claim to Clean CPAP Machines and may actually be causing harm to your CPAP. It is not recommended by any Manufacturer to run Ozone into the CPAP Machine itself to Clean CPAP. Cleaners like the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner or the VirtuClean 2.0 CPAP Cleaner.