How to access iBreeze Clinical Settings

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Accessing iBreeze CPAP Clinical Settings

The iBreeze CPAP is a great new option to the CPAP world. It has had great feedback so far but has only been widely available for a short time. This means that there isn’t a whole lot of information at hand to help CPAP users navigate the iBreeze. The information below will help you gain access to the Provider Clinical Menu on the iBreeze CPAP. This menu is designed to be accessed by your Provider or Clinician. So, it is not advised to make changes to your settings without first speaking with your Doctor.

How to access the Clinical Settings in your iBreeze:

The Provider Menu on the iBreeze is not difficult to access, but you do need the key. As with most CPAP models you have a series of buttons to hold down to gain that access. Below are the steps needed:
  1. Make sure that your iBreeze CPAP is plugged in.
  2. Press and hold the Ramp button on the top of the CPAP.
  3. While holding that ramp button down also press and hold the round knob on the front of the iBreeze for about 5 seconds.
  4. You will see the Prescription and Mode settings appear on the left side of the screen. You are now in the Provider Menu.
  5. To Exit the Provider Menu simply repeat the steps to get in, by holding the Ramp Button and front round knob for about 5 seconds.

Navigating the iBreeze Provider Menu Clinical Settings:

It is once again worth noting that your Clinical Settings are prescribed and preset to your needs by your Doctor. Changes to these settings should only be made with supervision of your treating physician. Below is a list of the Settings that you will find in the Provider Menu:
  • Mode Selection– This is found with one click to the left at the top of the screen. It will read APAP or CPAP. You can click and change that setting from Fixed Pressure “CPAP” to Auto CPAP “APAP”.
  • Therapy Settings– Below the Mode Selection will be your APAP or CPAP settings. Highlight and select the setting to change it to the desired setting.
  • R-Care Setting– This setting can be enabled or disabled. It will adjust the aggression of the iBreeze Auto CPAP algorithm.
  • E-Comp Setting– This setting is only seen when in the CPAP mode. It can also be enabled or disabled to help with CPAP comfort.