Download the iBreeze CPAP Machine Data

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Downloading your iBreeze CPAP Data

The iBreeze CPAP machine is extremely new to the CPAP world here in the US. Because of that, not only are customers reaching out about compliance downloads, but so are our competitors. So, we figured it would be best to put out a full tutorial to explain how to use the iBreeze Compliance system. Currently, there are two versions of the iBreeze CPAP. The first is the standard SD card version which will only allow you to upload data via the SD card. The other version has a WIFI option, and it will allow you to link your iBreeze CPAP your home WIFI. The WIFI option will automatically upload your data so that your CPAP provider or doctor can view the data remotely.

What Software do I use to download the iBreeze CPAP?

There are two ways to produce a compliance and therapy report on your iBreeze CPAP machine. The first is via the local software option. That software is called the iMatrix Compliance system. We will explain that in detail below. The next and better option is to use the cloud-based version of that software which is called ResAssist. We will go into detail on that option below as well.

iMatrix Software for the iBreeze:

The first step to using the iMatrix software is to download and install it on your computer. It is a pretty large file. So, you may need to use the Zip tool to perform the download. A link to the iMatrix software can be found in the Product Specifications section of the iBreeze CPAP listing on our site. Once you have downloaded the software to your computer, you can then open it up and get started. Once you open the software you can add yourself as a patient and enter your iBreeze CPAP serial number. Then you will be able to use the Download function to pull the data from your SD card. Once you have that information uploaded to the software you can pull compliance and therapy reports for any time frame you need.

ResAssist Cloud software for iBreeze:

The cloud-based software for the iBreeze is called ResAssist. You can access that via the website; however, you will need login credentials. Those credentials should come from your CPAP supplier. Here at CPAPmyway we give you access with a username of your patient ID number and password of CPAPmyway. Then you can change those credentials on your own after logging in. We also preemptively load your iBreeze CPAP information into the cloud so that you have immediate access for downloading your data. If you are using a WIFI enabled unit you will be able to see the data, there and can produce reports. If you are using the SD version of the iBreeze then you will be able to use the “Upload Data” function to upload your CPAP data via the SD card. When you click the Upload Data button, then you will select the SD card on your computer and the data will populate.

Creating the Compliance and Therapy Report on iBreeze software:

Producing the report is pretty simple in the software. You can simply hit the “Create Report” button on the right side of the screen. Then you will see a preview report. Next you will select the appropriate Report Date Range for your needs. Once you get the right range, just hit print. You will be able to print a nice clean PDF that will show you everything that you or your doctor need. Your Compliance Percentage will be found in the > 4 hours days section.