iBreeze CPAP – Complete Guide to Getting Started

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In this blog we are going over everything that you need to know about the iBreeze CPAP from ResVent. This has become a very popular CPAP in recent years, and has proven to be a reliable and comfortable model. Below we are going to discuss how to properly setup your iBreeze CPAP, how to adjust your comfort settings on it, how to clean and maintain it, as well as other very helpful tips.

iBreeze CPAP Setup Instructions:

Proper setup is the first part of getting off to a good start on your iBreeze. To avoid issues, you must get things put together correctly. Below we will detail instructions on how to do just that. You can also check out the setup video for a great visual step by step on the iBreeze setup.
  1. The first step is to find a suitable place for your iBreeze. Optimally, that should be a level and stable surface near your bedside. The standard tubing is 6ft, so it needs to be fairly close. It should additionally be located level to you or below your sleeping position. Placing it above yourself may cause condensation issues in your mask.
  2. No that you have the unit setup in a good spot you can connect your AC power supply. That consists of the power converter brick with cord and the AC power. Plug the AC connector to the wall, then the AC cord to the brick, and then the converter brick cord to the back of the iBreeze.
  3. Next you will connect the CPAP tube. This may be a slim 15mm tube or a 22mm standard tube. There is not a heated tube available. With either the 15mm or 22mm you can connect either end to the air outlet of the CPAP. Be sure to view the settings details below to make sure your iBreeze is set to the correct tube size.
  4. Next you will connect your mask to the other end of the tubing. This tubbing has universal 22mm connection that will allow you to connect any mask. If you have issues connecting your mask, check out this trouble-shooting video here.
  5. Finally, you will fill the humidifier tank. The tank is on the right side of the iBreeze. Press down gently on the release at the top of the tank and slide it out. You can unclasp the plastic locks to open the chamber. Then fill it with destilled water to the fill line. Do not over fill. Reinsert into the side making sure it is all the way in.
  6. You are now ready to enjoy a great nights sleep. As you experience the iBreeze you may want to refer below to our comfort settings adjustments. Small adjustments may help greatly with your CPAP experience.

iBreeze CPAP Comfort Settings adjustment:

After you have begun using your iBreeze CPAP you may notice things that could improve about your experience. Things like dryness, exhalation difficulty and more can be a simple adjustment away from correction. Take a look at the info below to learn how you can adjust your iBreeze to best suit your needs. You can also watch the instructional video here or by clicking the image above.

IPR Exhalation relief:

The exhalation relief setting on the iBreeze is similar to the EPR setting on ResMed or the Flex setting on Respironics. On the iBreeze it is called IPR. To access the IPR exhalation setting you will scroll to the comfort section of your main menu and click on comfort. The first setting that you will see is IPR. Click on IPR and use the knob to adjust the setting. It can be adjusted from 0-3 for comfort. 0 being very little exhalation relief and 3 being the most. Click again to confirm the change.

Auto-Start and Auto Stop Features:

These are the next two settings in the Comfort section of the iBreeze Patient Menu. You will see them titled “Auto Start” and “Auto Stop”. You can change them by clicking on the desired setting and turning the knob to the left or right to make the change. Then press the knob again to confirm that change.

Preheat Setting:

This allows the humidifier to preheat the water without the CPAP running. For many CPAP users, especially in cold climates, the first few minutes of air passing over cold water can be uncomfortable. So, this option allows you to preheat that water to avoid the discomfort.

Ramp Settings:

The ramp settings are titles “P Ramp” and “Ramp Time”. The P Ramp setting allows you to set the starting pressure. This is the pressure that the machine will be at when you activate the ramp function on your CPAP. If you feel like the pressure is too high when you use the ramp, you can decrease that here. It is a nice feature to be able to control for first time users. The next setting is Ramp Time. This is the amount of time that the iBreeze will take to increase from the P Ramp setting to your prescribed setting.

Tube Selection and Mask Selection:

These are the next two setting parameters on the iBreeze Comfort Settings Menu. To adjust the Tube Type simply click the Tube Type section adjust to 15mm or 19mm. The iBreeze comes with a Slim Style 15mm tube. That should be the default setting. If you have an older style thick CPAP hose that you want to use on the iBreeze you can change the setting to 19mm to reflect that. The Mask Selection portion of the menu is pretty self-explanatory as well. You can click on the Mask Type icon and change from Full, Nasal, or Pillow. It is best to change this setting if you change your mask style.

R-Care setting on the iBreeze CPAP:

The R-Care setting can be a little difficult to understand, but it is a comfort setting that allows new users to adjust more easily to starting therapy on the iBreeze CPAP. For old school users this feature may not be something that they enjoy. Especially if they are accustomed to a higher pressure right off the bat. To enable and disable that feature you must access the Provider Menu in the iBreeze. To do so press and hold the Ramp Button on top with the Knob button on the front. You will hold them for about 5 seconds or until the settings appear on the screen. You will now see the “R Care” setting on the left side at the bottom of the screen. Twist the knob to the left to highlight the R-Care setting. Click the setting and twist right or left to turn on or off. Then click to confirm. After confirming you can press and hold the Ramp Button on top with the Knob Button on the front again to exit the Provider Menu.

iBreeze CPAP Maintenance and Cleaning:

The iBreeze has very few failures and when they occur it is almost always due to neglection of minor maintenance. Taking care of this CPAP is very simple, but it must be done. Check out the simple maintenance details below or click here to check out the video.

Daily procedures:

  • Empty your water chamber every morning after use. This will keep stagnant water from growing all sorts of nasty things. Allow the chamber to air dry throughout the day.
  • Inspect your tubing for any excess condensation. Water in the tube can create noises and discomfort. Check out our video on water in your CPAP tube here for more details.
  • Refill your water chamber nightly before bed.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Tubing- Fully inspect the tubing for tears or stretches. Replace at first sign of wear. To clean the tubing properly submerge it in a warm soapy water mix. You can use a tube brush to clean the inside more thoroughly. Rinse very well and allow to air dry. It must dry fully before next use of your iBreeze. Hanging over a doorway or blowing dry air through it can help.
  • Filter- Inspect the iBreeze filter weekly and replace at first sign of discoloration. Always replace it after 30 days to be certain the CPAP can pull air easily.
  • Water chamber- You must also wash the iBreeze water chamber in a warm soapy water mix. Scrub with a bristle brush and rinse very well before next use. You may also use a light mix of vinegar and water if you notice mineral build up in the chamber.

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