Luna 2 CPAP – Adjusting Settings in Provider/Clinical Menu

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Adjusting the Therapy Settings on the Luna 2 Auto CPAP is very simple. It is, however, very important to consult with your Sleep Physician about settings changes in advance of making setting changes. There are also comfort settings that may dramatically improve your therapy on the Luna 2 CPAP. So, let’s dive in to the “how-to” details:

Step 1:

From the Main Interface, press and hold the Dial and Ramp Button for five seconds. The screen displays the Initial Setup Interface of the Maintenance Menu, as shown in Fig.1-3. The first icon on the left side of the screen indicates the Main Interface, the second Icon with the cog icon indicates the Clinical Menu, and the third icon indicates the Service Menu. Press the knob to enter the menu.

Step 2:

As you turn the Dial clockwise, the cursor moves downwards from one option to another. As you turn it counterclockwise, the cursor moves upwards. When the cursor is on a certain option, press the Dial , and the option is then displayed in yellow, meaning that the option can now be adjusted. Once you adjust to the setting desired, Click the knob once more to confirm the change and mode on.  Now let’s look at each setting in detail.
You will now see the settings menu. Mode will be your first option. Press the knob to select the mode. It can be set as CPAP or Auto. In CPAP mode you will be in a fixed CPAP pressure. In “Auto” you will be in an auto-adjusting mode, and the CPAP will adjust to the best pressure for you within the range set later on.
Treat P:
This setting will only be displayed if you have selected the CPAP mode in the setting above. Treat P is the treatment pressure. It can be set from 4 cm of pressure to 20cm of pressure.
This setting will display if you have Selected “Auto” therapy mode in the first setting. This setting will be the most minimal pressure in the pressure range.
Max Ramp:
The max ramp is the longest amount of time available for your ramp duration. The ramp setting can be changed in the patient level menu, but the “Max Ramp” setting in this clinical menu will put a cap on how long the patient menu ramp can go.
Ramp P:
This setting is the starting ramp pressure. It is the pressure setting that the CPAP will go to when the patient presses the ramp button during therapy.
This setting will only display if you have selected “Auto” mode in the first step. The Max APAP is the maximum amount of pressure that the Luna 2 will go to during Auto CPAP therapy. It can go as high as 20cm of pressure.
Auto On:
This feature can be turned On or Off. If it is turned “On” then the Luna 2 will turn on as soon as it senses your breath when. Bypassing the need to manually turn your CPAP on after attaching your mask. If it is “Off” then you will have to manually turn on your CPAP.
Auto Off:
This feature can also be turned On or Off. When turned “On” the Luna 2 will shut itself down when you take the mask off. When turned “Off” you will need to manually shut your CPAP down when you take your mask off. You may want to turn this feature off if you have noticed the Luna 2 shutting down during therapy. This can sometimes be due to high leaks and the CPAP thinking that you have taken the mask off.
Leak Alert:
This feature can also be turned “On” or “Off”. When it is turned off the Luna 2 will alert you to high leaks in an effort to wake you up for mask adjustments. If you leave the feature “Off” then you will not be alerted to high leaks during therapy. You will still be able to see leaks on the therapy report regardless of what setting you choose here.
The Exhalation Relief feature on the Luna 2 CPAP is called Reslex. It is similar to EPR in ResMed models and Flex in Philips Respironics models. It can be adjusted from 0-3. the higher you go on that setting the more exhalation relief you will have. For instance. If your Luna 2 is set on a Therapy Pressure 10cm and your Reslex setting is 3, then you will inhale at 10cm of pressure and exhale at a pressure of 7cm. The math looks like: 10cm-3cm=7cm. If you have the same Therapy pressure of 10cm and a Reslex of 1 then you would inhale at a setting of 10cm and exhale at a pressure of 9cm.

Step 3:

Now that your Therapy Setting are adjusted in the Luna 2 CPAP, you will scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Home”. This will take you back to the operational menu where normal therapy can be performed.