Luna 2 CPAP – Complete Starter Guide

  • By Clay Rollyson
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The Luna 2 CPAP Machine from react health is a great option for treating Sleep Apnea. It is quiet, reliable and effective. In this blog we will show you how to get the very most out of your Luna 2 CPAP machine. From setup and operation to adjustments and maintenance. We cover it all here for you. Below we will break down everything you need to be successful.

Luna 2 CPAP Quick Setup Instructions:

Setting up your Luna 2 CPAP Machine is super easy but must be done properly if you want it to work properly. The video above does a great job of helping you navigate that process. Below we have a step-by-step layout to show you how to get started on the right foot with your Luna 2 CPAP.

Luna 2 Setup Instructions:

  1. Remove your Luna 2 CPAP from the travel case.
  2. Connect your AC power supply to the power brick converter and to the wall outlet.
  3. Connect your power supply to the Luna 2. Power port is located at the top and back of the CPAP. Be careful to match the plug up correctly to avoid damage to the plug and power port.
  4. Connect your tube to the air outlet on the back and the mask to the other end of the tube.
  5. Pull out your Humidifier chamber and fill to the max line with distilled water. Reinstall the water chamber.
  6. You are now ready to turn on your Luna 2 with the knob on top and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Proper Adjustment for your Luna 2 CPAP:

The Luna 2 Setup menu has most of the same adjustments as most other CPAPs. The video above will detail how to access that menu and when to make adjustments. We also detail them below for a quick reference.

Luna 2 CPAP User Settings Adjustments:

  • Humidifier– This adjustment will allow you to add more or less humidity to the air that you are breathing. If you wake up dried out then you should increase this setting. If you wake up and have condensation or water in your tube or mask, then this setting should be decreased.
  • Ramp Time– This is the amount of time the Luna 2 will take to go from your Starting Pressure to your Therapy Pressure.
  • Date– You can set your current date and time here.
  • Time– Set your local time here. This can be a big deal for compliance reports.
  • Brightness– High brightens the screen and low will dim the screen.
  • Mask Type– Set the type of mask that you use. Nasal, Full, or Pillow. The mask setting can affect the operation.

Luna 2 CPAP Maintenance and Cleaning:

If you take care of your Luna 2 CPAP machine, you will likely have years of quiet and effective therapy. The important part is that you maintain it properly. Above you will find a great video demonstrating exactly how to do that. In addition we have a quick list and instructions below.

Luna 2 Maintenance needs:

  • Filter– There is a black foam filter located on the back bottom corner of your CPAP. To access the filter you will remove the housing and pull out the filter. Rinse it well, dry it off and put it back in the housing. Reattach the housing to the back of the CPAP. Failure to clean the filter is the number one reason your Luna 2 CPAP machine will fail.
  • Water Chamber– Wash your water chamber with soap and water weekly. Rinse very well and allow it to air dry. It helps to empty the water chamber every morning after use and refill at night with clean distilled water.
  • Mask and Tubing– Wash your mask and tubing with light dish soap and water. Rinse it very well and allow to fully air dry before use.

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