Luna 2 CPAP Review and Setup

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Luna 2 CPAP Machine

The Luna 2 is a great CPAP that is gaining a lot of traction. It is manufactured by 3B Products who has been a CPAP manufacturer for quite a few years now. The Luna 2 has probably been their most successful CPAP model so far. Overall we have had great success with this CPAP for the last couple years.

What sets the Luna 2 apart?

The Luna 2 has been a very reliable alternative to some of the more pricey big name CPAP options. It gives CPAP user a genuine lower cost alternative for treating Sleep Apnea. Much like other models it has all the features and benefits. Such as: Integrated Heated Humidifier, Compliance and Therapy reporting, standard tubing connections, therapy comfort settings, and a great Auto-Titrating algorithm. It is also very reliable. Out of the many Luna 2 CPAPs that we have sold we have had very few failures. Additionally, it is very quiet. Many of the low cost CPAPs out there are noisy. At under 38dB, this CPAPs is as quiet as any other available.

How to setup your Luna 2 CPAP:

Setting up your Luna 2 is a very simple process. The first step is obviously to unpack the contents of the carry case. This should include: the CPAP, Air Filter, Power Adapter, Power Cord, CPAP Tube, SD Card (may be pre-installed), and enclosed documents (user manual). Next you will connect the power cord to the power adapter. Then connect the power adapter to the back of the CPAP machine. Be careful not to bend any of the prongs inside the cord plug. A small green light come on below the screen to indicate power. You will then want to place the device on a level surface near your bed. Finally, you will connect the CPAP tube to the air outlet on the CPAP and then to your CPAP mask on the other end of the tube.

How to Maintain your Luna 2 CPAP:

Maintenance is also very simple on this CPAP. First thing that you need to make certain you maintain is your water chamber. This is the place where things can go bad in a hurry. If you leave stagnant water in the chamber and fail to clean it regularly, you will be growing some nasty things. For best results empty the water chamber daily, and wash with soap and water at least once per week. The only other maintenance on the Luna 2 is the inlet filter. If you have a disposable, then you need to change it once per month or as needed. If you have a washable, then a quick rinse will work great once per week.

How long will my Luna 2 CPAP last?

The Luna 2 lifespan is similar to most other CPAP models. It is rated at a 5 year “useful life”. Of course that doesn’t mean that on day 1,826 that the device will suddenly stop working. It is simply an estimation on how long this CPAP should work properly. As with anything, a CPAP can only be expected to perform accurately for so long. If you have a CPAP that is over 5 years old, then you are operating on borrowed time. While the CPAP may not have physically failed yet, it’s accuracy on the pressure may not be what it used to be.

Pros and Cons of the Luna 2 CPAP:


  • Very Reliable- we have had a very low failure rate for this CPAP, and have not had much negative feedback related to performance at all.
  • Very Quiet- under 38dB makes it as quiet as any other out there.
  • Easy to operate- Pretty much as simple as on and off.
  • Similar therapy features to main stream CPAPs


  • Larger than other models which can be tough for travel
  • Heavier than other models which can also make travel tougher
  • Compliance and reporting- while you can perform your own download for compliance (view our how to video on that here) your Dr may not be familiar with how to do so.

Luna 2 CPAP Physical Features:

  • Humidifier Indicator– This allows you to set your heated humidity setting on your Luna 2 CPAP. The setting is indicated by small blue bars which you can increase by the control knob to the right or left. Right to increase humidity and left to decrease humidity.
  • Display Screen– The 3.5 inch LCD screen allows you to navigate the CPAP menu with ease.
  • Power Indicator– Represented by a small green light shows you that your Luna 2 is connected to proper electric power.
  • Mute Button– Allows you to silence alarms like high leak or mask leak alarms.
  • Control Knob– Navigate the Patient Level Menu by twisting the control knob to the right or left. Press the knob to select and to confirm changes.
  • Ramp Button– Use the ramp feature to reduce pressure for a specific period of time, and gradually increase back to therapy pressure.

  • SD Card Slot– Insert the card into the card slot to transfer usage and compliance data.
  • Air Outlet– Allows you to connect your 22mm CPAP tubing to the back of the Luna 2 CPAP.
  • Communications port– Allows for direct connection to computer for updates and clinical data transfer.
  • Air Inlet– Houses the filter which should be rinsed weekly to promote good air flow through the CPAP.
  • Power Port– This is where your power supply will connect to your Luna 2 CPAP.