Luna G3 Auto Bilevel – Setup, Maintenance and Review

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Luna G3 Auto BPAP Bilevel

In the Bilevel world there are very few options available these days. So, when we get to demonstrate and review a new one, we get pretty excited. The Luna G3 BiLevel was not a disappointment. We took our time checking out all the pros and cons in addition to the setup and operation. Let’s dive in for a deeper look.

What makes this Bilevel different?

The Luna G3 has all the features of the more “well-known” bilevels like the AirCurve or the DreamStation Bipap at a more cost-effective price. It provides both fixed pressure and Auto-Bilevel therapy. Additionally, it provides great compliance and therapy reports that can even be done on your own with the web-based program. We have a great demo video of how to do that here. So, it will work well for following up with your doctor or DOT clinic. This bilevel is also very easy to setup and maintain, so let’s jump in there.

Setup of the Luna G3 BPAP

Setting up your new G3 Bilevel is a pretty simple process, and very similar to most other CPAP setups with a few exceptions. Your unit should come to you preset with the settings from your prescribing doctor. If you aren’t sure about that, you should contact your supplier immediately to verify. After unboxing all the parts and pieces follow the steps below for a quick and effective setup.
  1. Unpacking– Make sure that you get everything out of the bag. That should include the power supply (two parts), the Luna G3 itself, humidifier chamber, tubing, and power cord lock.
  2. Power up– Next you will connect the G3 Bilevel power cord to the power box, plug it into your wall outlet and then into the back of the machine. At this point, you will also add in the power cord lock to make sure the cord stays in place.
  3. Add your humidifier chamber– When you put the humidifier chamber on it can be a little tricky. Make sure to slide it down from the tops and click it gently into place. Press down firmly until you hear the click, and you see the chamber sitting flush in place. You can add your distilled water to it by flipping open the lid and filling to the max line.
  4. Connect your tubing– You may have standard or heated tubing included with your G3 BPAP, but the setup is similar. If your tubing is heated then, one end will have a small cord and connector. That end of the tubing with the plug will connect to the machine. The small plug will go into the little outlet right beside the air outlet where your tubing plugs on. The attachment of standard tubing is similar, but either end can plug on to the unit.
  5. Attach your mask– The final step of setting up your Luna G3 BPAP is to attach the mask. It will attach at the other end of the tubing. Be careful if the mask does not fit easily. You may be missing a part on your mask if you have used it on another previous CPAP or Bilevel. We have a great video here demonstrating this issue.
  6. Get some rest– You are ready to fire that baby up and get some much-needed rest. Check out our blog on getting accustomed to therapy next for some great tips.

Maintenance of the Luna G3 BPAP

Taking care of your new Luna G3 BPAP is a pretty simple deal. However, a failure to keep up with these items, may lead to a machine failure or nasty mold or mildew. There are 3 basic areas of maintenance. The Humidifier Chamber, Intake filter, and the Mask and tubing. Let’s go over those details:
  • Humidifier chamber– This has to be one of the most important pieces to maintain. That is because of all the nasty things that grow in unmaintained water chambers. Best practice is to fill the tank nightly and empty it in the morning. Allowing it to air-dry throughout the day. Then wash it with mild soap and warm water at least once per week. This water chamber is dishwasher safe on the top rack.
  • Intake Filter– The filter that comes with the Luna G3 BPAP is a foam washable filter. It needs to be removed and rinsed thoroughly once per week. Make sure to dry it well before putting it back in the filter housing and reattaching to the machine. Washable filter should be replaced every 6 months to avoid breakdowns.
  • Tube and Mask– The mask and tubing should be washed with the same warm soapy water as the humidifier chamber. Most manufacturers recommend daily washing, but we say at least twice per week. Make sure to use only mild soap, to rinse thoroughly, and to dry thoroughly before using it again.

Luna G3 overall review

Overall, we found that the Luna G3 is a great option for customers using bilevel therapy. It is just as small and easy to operate as the higher-end models, without the additional cost. What is really nice is that the Luna G3 bilevel does have some features that the bottom dollar options do not have. Let’s check out our top Pros and Cons:

Luna G3 BPAP Pros:

  • Easy operation and setup– There is no difference between the setup and operation of this Luna G3 and the high end bilevel options on the market.
  • Small footprint on the nightstand– At 10.4″ long by 5.7″ wide and just 4.5″ tall you aren’t going to get much smaller for a bilevel. We know “night-stand real estate” space is hard to come by.
  • More therapy mode that others– One really cool advantage is that the Luna G3 BPAP has: fixed bilevel, auto bilevel, fixed CPAP and Auto CPAP all built in to one unit. That is an awesome feature that I do not think any other bilevel has. So, if something about your therapy needs changed you have options.
  • Pretty quiet– I would not say it is the quietest of all bilevels, but it is pretty darn quiet. At a setting of 10cm the unit produces about <34 dB(A) of noise.
  • Heated tubing option– Many low-cost CPAP and Bilevel do not offer a heated tube at all. The Luna G3 BPAP does. For those that live in dry climates or have dryness issues that is a GREAT addition.
  • More affordable– This model offers a really good bilevel therapy at a lower cost.

Luna G3 BPAP Cons:

  • Humidifier chamber can be tricky– Taking the water tank on and off can be a little tricky. You have to press down firmly on top of the chamber to lock in place and then as well to remove it. If it doesn’t click and pop into place or lose to remove it, then you need to press again until you hear the click.
  • Compliance and therapy reporting– While there are multiple options for retrieving your data from the Luna G3 BPAP, they do involve some manual effort. You can use the QR code in the App, call in your iCode string, or manually download to the software via the SD card.
  • Thick Heated tube– Most models have a 15mm option and some even have a 12mm tube diameter option. Those diameter options are not available in the G3 BPAP as of now. For many users this is no issue at all, but some really like the thinner/lighter style tubing.