Luna G3 CPAP – A Complete Guide to Getting Started

  • By Clay Rollyson
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Getting your Luna G3 CPAP setup and running is a pretty simple process, but it is important to get it going right. In this blog we give you all the instructions and details that you need to make that happen. Here you will find how to setup your Luna G3 CPAP, settings adjustments, proper maintenance and more. Let’s get started.

Luna G3 CPAP Setup Instructions:

Getting your Luna G3 setup is fairly simple. Of course, if you do not get it right, then you are bound to have some issues. So, let’s get you off to the right start.
  1. Setup the Luna G3 CPAP on a surface next to your bed that is fairly level to where you are sleeping. It is best not to place it on the ground.
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the converter brick, and then plug the power supply into the back of the CPAP. This will power up the unit.
  3. Next you will connect the tubing to the back of the CPAP. If you are using standard tubing it should slip on to the air outlet, and either end will work. Both ends are the same. If you are using a Luna G3 Heated Hose, then you will need to make sure that the end with the plug is connected to the Air Outlet of the CPAP. From there you will plug the power cord of the tube into the back as well.
  4. Now you will connect the other end of the CPAP Tube to the CPAP Mask provided. If you have any issues doing that, please check this video here to trouble shoot your mask connection.
  5. Finally, you will fill your water camber to the proper fill line and connect it to the Luna G3. The Humidifier chamber attaches by placing in the proper position and pressing gently down until it clicks into place.
  6. Now you can fit your mask and press the start button on top to get started.

Luna G3 Cleaning and Maintenance:

The Luna G3 is made to last. If maintained properly you should expect years of reliable CPAP Therapy. Of course, “maintained properly” is an important component of the longevity recipe. Below we will discuss the daily and weekly maintenance to do list.


  1. Empty water tank and allow to air dry throughout the day.
  2. Refill with distilled water before bedtime.


  1. Humidifier Chamber– The water tank needs to be washed with a mild soapy water mix, rinsed well and dried. Well-diluted dish soap usually does the trick here.
  2. CPAP Tubing– The Tube must also be washed weekly with the mild soapy water mix. Be sure to rinse this well and air dry completely before reusing. draping it over a doorway can help to speed this up. **Be sure that you do not submerge the power supply of the heated tube if you are using one.
  3. Filter– The standard black foam filter should be rinsed weekly and replaced as needed. The filter is located at the bottom corner of the Luna G3 in a corner housing. Be sure to dry completely before replacing it on the CPAP. If you are using the white disposable filter version, then it should be examined weekly. If discolored or dirty, then the disposable filter should be replaced. Dispose it at least once per month.
  4. CPAP Exterior– You can wipe the exterior of the Luna G3 with a damp cloth as needed. Do not use chemicals.

Adjusting Luna G3 Comfort Settings:

The Luna G3 CPAP has very similar comfort settings as most other CPAPs. We detail them below. To access these settings, twist the knob to scroll over to “settings” and then click the knob to access that menu. If you do not see all of these settings available to you then they are most likely disabled in the Clinical Menu. To activate those, you can see the Clinical Menu navigation video here. Remember as you adjust settings, do so in small increments. This will help to avoid over-correction and further issues.

Settings Details:

  • Humidification– The humidifier can be adjusted from “off” to 5 in increments of one. If you are dry, then you can increase the setting to add humidity. If you are experiencing condensation or rainout, then you should decrease the setting to reduce humidity. There is also an “Auto” setting. This setting will allow the machine to adjust the humidity on its own for you. This is a great place to start for most new users.
  • Heated Tubing- The Luna G3 Heated Tube setting has the same settings as the Humidifier. It should come close to mirroring the Humidifier setting. To reduce condensation, you can increase the tube setting, and vice versa as you decrease humidity settings. It also has a great “auto” setting that works pretty well. For a detailed Luna G3 Humidity video, Click Here.
  • Ramp Time– Ramp is the time period between your “starting pressure” to your “therapy pressure”. Starting pressure is usually very minimal so that you can fall asleep easier. You can adjust this from 0-60 minutes. If you are a new user and need more time to fall asleep, then you may want the full 60 minutes. If you are an old-school use, then you may want to have a lower ramp time. There is also an “auto” setting here as well. In Auto the CPAP will monitor your breathing and increase as you fall asleep. For a full discussion of the Ramp Setting click here.
  • Reslex– This is an exhalation relief setting. It can go as low as Off or as high as 3. At 3 you will have the most pressure relief when you exhale. For new CPAP users a higher Reslex may be nice, and for old-school users a lower Reslex may be good. Either way you can adjust it to your own comfort.
  • Auto On– Turning this setting on will allow the Luna G3 to turn itself on when you put your mask on and start breathing.
  • Auto Off– Turning this setting on will allow the unit to turn itself off when you take the mask off. If you experience the CPAP turning itself off while you are using it, then you may want to turn this feature off. High mask leaks can trick the Luna G3 in to thinking that you have taken the mask off. Click here to learn more about CPAP Mask Leaks.
  • Tubing Type– The Luna G3 will work fine with 22mm standard CPAP tubing, 15mm slim tubing or the Luna G3 Heated tube. However, you should adjust this setting to the correct tube type to make sure that your therapy is accurate. If you use Heated Tubing the setting will adjust itself.
  • Display settings– The rest of the settings are related to display, and you can adjust them to your own preference.

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