O2 Ring Pulse Oximeter

  • By Clay Rollyson
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If you have ever wondered about your Oxygen Levels or Pulse during your workout or while you sleep, then you need to check out the O2 Ring. The O2 Ring records these statistics and puts them in a really simple report. This allows you to see what is happening with your cardio system during a workout or even while you sleep.

How Does the O2 Ring work?

Using the O2 Ring is very simple. Start by charging your device. Once you have the device fully charged, just slip it on your finger. The O2 Ring will turn on automatically and begin showing you your stats on the screen. It will additionally record those stats. Once your recording session is complete, you can link it up to the ViHealth App and sync the data from the O2 ring to your SmartPhone via Bluetooth. Once the data has synced it will show you the statistics in a very simple graph and report in the app.

What does the O2 Ring report show?

The report is very simple and clear. It shows you a graph of Oxygen Levels, Pulse, and body movement on a clear timeline. This shows you how the statistics go up and down throughout the time that you wore the device. It also includes some really cool summary stats that I list below.
  • Overall Recording time– The duration that you wore the device.
  • <90% time- This is the amount of total time that your Blood Oxygen level was under 90%.
  • Drops over 4%– This is the number of times that your oxygen level dropped by more than 4%.
  • Drops per hour– Total number of times that your Oxygen Level dropped per hour.
  • Average SPO2– This is your average Oxygen Level throughout the duration of the recording.
  • Lowest SPO2– Lowest oxygen level throughout the recording.
  • Average PR– Average heart rate during the recording.
  • O2 Score- Overall score of how well you maintain your oxygen levels throughout the recording.

Good uses for the O2 Ring Oximeter

The O2 ring is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition. This means that it is just used to give you some good feedback on your Pulse and Oxygen Levels during a period of time. With that being said, there are some really cool things to use it for. One of my favorites is for workouts. I personally have used it a few times to see how well I maintain heart rate and oxygen levels during my workout. It provided some really great information. Others, like my dad, have used it to see how well they are doing when asleep. You can put the O2 Ring on before bed, then sync the data in the morning. In either use, you are able to see a really informative report on Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels.