ResMed CPAP Masks Discontinued in 2023 – Is your mask on the list?

  • By Clay Rollyson
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ResMed CPAP Masks are a staple in the CPAP industry. If you are on a CPAP, then there is at least a 50% chance that you are using a ResMed CPAP Mask. Now, in 2023, ResMed is discontinuing a number of their popular masks. If your CPAP Mask has blue headgear, then you may want to take a hard look. In this blog we are going to discuss which masks are being discontinued, why they are stopping them, and which CPAP masks would be a good replacement option.

Which ResMed CPAP Masks are being Discontinued?

This is probably the largest list of CPAP Masks that we have ever seen pulled at one time. In total there are 7 ResMed masks that will be unavailable very soon. Most of these masks are at least 10 years old. Which means that they have been around for a long time, and there are a lot of people using them. If you are using one of these masks, then you have a decision to make. Let’s take a look at the list.

ResMed 2023 Mask DC list:


Why is ResMed pulling these Masks off the Market?

As with everything, new versions always replace old versions. Typically, the new version of whatever you need is a better version. However, you will always have some, “they don’t make it like they used to” situations. I would imagine that these masks being discontinued will have people landing on both sides of this. In this case, ResMed is making a “better” quality mask with less parts and cheaper. So that makes the reasoning behind this discontinuation a “Win, Win”. The truth is that these masks on the DC list are just too expensive to make. So, they need to hit the road.

What CPAP Masks are a good alternative?

As you know we operate on the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality here. If you like the mask that you have, we don’t push new ones on you. In this case, there isn’t an option. If you are using one of the masks above, you have to find a new option soon or load up on a lifetime supply today. Below we will discuss each mask and the viable options to find a similar fit.

Swift FX Nano:

This is a very unique mask. It has a traditional nasal cup fit over the nose, with a single band head strap that splits on the back of the head. It is a great hybrid of a nasal mask with nasal pillow style headgear. There is no clear option that directly compares. My favorite option is the Brevida nasal pillow. It is similar but is more of a nasal pillow than that traditional nasal mask. ResMed is recommending the AirFit N30 Nasal mask, which is a really nice mask and fairly similar. Another option is the AirFit N20. The N20’s headgear is very different though. If you need an option from Philips, then I would point you to the DreamWisp. DreamWisp is close to the nasal fit, but very different frame and headgear.

Mirage Micro:

The Mirage Micro is a VERY traditional Nasal Mask. Because of that there are MANY good options. To stick with ResMed the Mirage FX is very comparable, and the AirFit N20 might be a nice modern option. Fisher and Paykel make the Eson 2 which is very similar to the Mirage Micro.

Ultra Mirage II:

The Ultra Mirage 2 is another very traditional Nasal Mask. For this one, I would offer the same recommendation as with the Micro. The Mirage FX is very similar to the Ultra Mirage 2, and if you want to take a leap forward the AirFit N20 is a great nasal option from ResMed. The Eson 2 from Fisher and Paykel is another great comparable option.

Swift LT:

The Swift LT has been a VERY popular nasal pillow CPAP mask for a long time. It has a pretty unique feature that allows you to attach the tube to the top of the head as well as let it fall in front for a more traditional fit. If you are using the Swift LT and attaching the tube to the top of your head for easier movement, then the P30i from ResMed or the DreamWear Silicone Pillow would be comparable options. If you are wearing it in a traditional way to the front of your body, then you would want to look at the P10 from ResMed, the Swift FX or the Brevida from Fisher and Paykel.

Swift II:

The Swift 2 is one of the original Nasal Pillow CPAP masks. To be honest, if you are still using this one then I will be surprised. It is pretty bulky and heavy and does not have much to be desired. You would be well served to try out the P10 from ResMed, Swift FX Pillow, the Brevida from Fisher and Paykel, or the DreamWear Nasal Pillow from Philips. All would be a great upgrade from the Swift 2.

Ultra Mirage Full:

There are quite a few people still using this Full Face mask. Luckily, ResMed has a mask that is VERY comparable to the Ultra Mirage Full Face. That mask is the Mirage Quattro. The Mirage Quattro is a better version of the Ultra Mirage Full Face. If you are going to take this opportunity to upgrade to the latest Full Face mask, then I am going to direct you to the Latest Full Face comparison video that we have here.

Mirage Liberty:

This is by far the most unique mask on this list. It is a full face/nasal pillow hybrid. There is no other one like it that I would recommend. Luckily, the nasal pillow fit really isn’t a good design so your replacement may work even better than the Liberty mask that you are accustomed to. The options I would refer you to are the Minimal Contact Full Face masks. Everyone has one and we have a great comparison video that you can view here. Any of the Minimal Contact options will work well.