Transcend Micro CPAP – What you need to know

  • By Clay Rollyson
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It has been a while since we have had the pleasure of demonstrating a new Travel CPAP, so we are excited. The Transcend Micro has all the features that you need from a Travel CPAP in an incredibly small package. This Travel CPAP will literally fit in the palm of your hand. It is just 0.5 lbs and is less than 4 inches wide and tall. This makes it about the size and shape of a baseball. Let’s take a deeper dive on this great new Travel CPAP.

Transcend Micro Features

This new Travel CPAP isn’t just super small. It incorporates all of the comfort features that the other options have. That list starts with the comfortable and effective Auto CPAP algorithm. The auto algorithm adjusts to meet your needs in a very comfortable fashion. The Micro is compatible with any CPAP mask which is another great pro. Additionally, the AirRelief setting which is similar to EPR on ResMed or Flex on a Respironics CPAP. This makes exhalation just a bit easier. Another great feature is theĀ  GentleRise ramp feature. This allows you to fall asleep with lower pressure while it gently climbs to your therapy setting. The Transcend Micro also has Bluetooth connectivity that will connect to your smartphone via the MySleepDash app.

Transcend Micro Pros and Cons:

The Transcend Micro is a great Travel CPAP option. It is small, lightweight and very easy to pack away for your next trip. Your tubing will take up more space than your CPAP. It has some limitation like any other. So, let’s break down the details.

Transcend Micro Pros:

  • Incredibly Small- At the time of this writing the Transcend Micro is the smallest Travel CPAP Available. It is about the size and shape of a baseball.
  • Very Simple– There are 4 buttons on the Transcend Micro, and more than likely you will only use one. No complicated screens or menus to deal with.
  • Bluetooth connectivity– The Micro has blueooth built in that will connect your data to your smartphone. A great feature for those looking to track results.
  • Universal Mask Connection– You can use any CPAP mask on the market on the Micro. No need to make wholesale changes for your new Travel CPAP. Just hook it up to your current mask.

Transcend Micro Cons:

  • No Heated Humidification– Similar to other Travel CPAPs, the Transcend Micro does not have a heated humidifier. Instead, it can only be used with an HME (Heat Moisture Exchanger) for humidification.
  • A little louder than other options– It is a little louder than some of other Travel CPAP options, but not by much. Additionally, it has the whispersoft muffler which helps to further reduce noise.
  • Specific Tubing– The Micro Travel CPAP must be used with the Specific AirFlex Micro tubing. It has a very unique connection that only works with the tubing that come with it. Luckily, the mask side of the tubing is universal.
  • External DC converter– I know that you can’t have your cake and eat it too…..but. The Micros DC converter cord does add some extra size. Additionally, on the Transcend 3 Travel CPAP the converter had built-in adapters for worldwide travel. The micro has only the general AC adapter included.

Setting up your Transcend Micro Travel CPAP

Setup of the Transcend Micro is super simple and very similar to other CPAPs. The unit should come preset to your specific prescription by your CPAP supplier. Follow the Steps below for proper setup:
  1. Connect your power by inserting the rounded plug into the round hole on the bottom of your Transcend Micro.
  2. Insert your AirFlex tubing to the front of the Micro CPAP by lining up the arrows, inserting and twisting right to lock into place.
  3. Add on your CPAP mask to the universal 22mm connection at the other end of your AirFlex tubing.

What is the Drying Mode on the Transcend Micro?

The Drying mode on the Transcend micro has nothing to do with the CPAP itself. It is built to dry out your mask and tubing after you use it. All that needs to be done is to press the Dry Mode button on the far right of the Micro after you turn it off in the morning. It will run through a 30-minute cycle that will push dry air through your tubing and mask to ensure that it is all dried and ready for your next use.

Transcend Micro Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Machine:

The Cleaning instructions in the Manual are kinda funny to me. It gives you specific soap to water ounces quantities, specific cloth recommendations, and wiping techniques. I think that it is a bit simpler than that. Wipe it down every now and then with a damp cloth. Don’t use chemicals or submerge it. Pretty easy.

Micro Filter:

The filter is located on the right side of the Micro if your tubing connection is the front. There is a little grated filter cap that you pull off to expose the filter. Pull out the filter once per week, rinse it out, dry it and put it back in. Put the filter cap back on and you are done. The Transcend Micro filter should be replaced about every 6 months.

Tubing and Mask:

Similar to all others your mask and tubing should be cleaned at least once per week. A warm soapy water mix. Submerge and scrub. Then air dry and reconnect.

Top Accessories for Transcend Micro CPAP

The Transcend Micro Travel CPAP has a few additional accessories available. The first would be the PowerAway P8 battery. This battery should run the Micro for 2-3 nights between charges. Another great accessory is the Whispersoft Muffler. This helps to reduce the sound of the air moving through the tubing. The last accessory is the Transcend AirMist HME. This allows you to keep your airways humidified without having to use a heated humidifier.