Using HSA and FSA for CPAP Equipment

  • By Clay Rollyson
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How to use HSA or FSA benefits for CPAP Equipment?

What is the difference between HSA and FSA?

It is importantly first of all to understand the difference between HSA and FSA benefits. The primary difference is that HSA has funds that belong to you and roll over, but FSA funds are owned by the employer and may expire. Additionally, the FSA funds may even be lost if you lose the job that funds the FSA. Both options are great for people that want a tax advantaged way to save for medical expenses.

What can I buy with HSA and FSA benefits?

First and foremost, you must use these funds on actual medical expenses. Here at CPAPmyway, almost every item is eligible to use these funds. That is because a vast majority of the items that we sell are used directly for Medical Treatment or maintenance of the Medical Equipment that we sell. So, if you are considering a CPAP Cleaner or Backup Battery for your CPAP machine, then you are in the right place. Other items that are eligible range from baby supplies to nicotine patches. So that list is vast. You can find a detailed list of eligible items by checking out the website here. Additionally, you can thank the CARES act for adding over-the-counter items to the list without a prescription being needed.

How do I use my HSA or FSA card to buy products?

Using your HSA or FSA debit card is a simple as using any other credit or debit card. However, that is ONLY if the business that you are buying from is eligible to run an HSA or FSA card. Here are CPAPmyway we are an approved merchant both online and in store for HSA and FSA cards. Simply add the products that you need to your cart and checkout like normal. If you have any trouble at all we can help manually by phone at 813-704-6038.