Water in your CPAP Tube? – How to fix and it and why it happens

  • By Clay Rollyson
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If you have water in your CPAP tube and it is driving you crazy, then you have to check out our tips for fixing it quickly. We go over why you have water in your CPAP Tube and how to get the water out of the CPAP tube for good.

Why is Water in the CPAP Tube? 

The water in your CPAP tube is caused by excess condensation. The Heated Humidifier is adding additional moisture to the air that you are breathing for your comfort. At some point the amount of water in the air reaches a point where it literally rains out of the air and into your tubing. This is most likely because the air is cooling down as it runs through the tubing. We see this happen a lot during colder times of the year or when someone turns their AC down lower in their home. Luckily there are some quick ways to fix this issue. Let’s dive in on the resolutions below.


How to get rid of water in your CPAP tube

There are a few tricks that can help reduce or eliminate the water in your CPAP Tube easily and without spending a bunch of money.
  1. Get rid of any leftover excess water in the CPAP tubing so that you are starting with a dry tube for the next night. You can do this by running the CPAP without any water in the water reservoir for a few minutes until it is dry. Or take the CPAP Tube off and hang it over a doorway until it is completely dry.
  2. Turn your Humidity Setting down on your CPAP. Most CPAP Machines have a humidity control that can be adjusted up or down for comfort. Turning up adds more humidity and turning down does the opposite. The first thing you can do to get rid of the water is reduce the amount of humidity added to the air by reducing your humidity setting. Maybe that doesn’t work or you find that reduced humidity leaves you dry.
  3. So the next step would be to try a “tubing snuggie” as we call them. There are tube-length insulating wraps that will keep the air in the tubing much more insulated and in-turn reduce the condensation. If you still have an issue…..
  4. Add in a heated tube. Most of the more modern CPAP machines have heated tubing available. The heated tubing keeps the humidified air at a constant temperature through the entire length of the tube which will keep the water out of your tube.

What are signs of water in your CPAP Tube?

  • Popping noises while the CPAP is running
  • Water droplets in your mask
  • Water droplets in your CPAP Tube
  • Water Spraying in your face at night
  • Gurgling noises coming from your CPAP Mask or CPAP Machine

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