Q: Can I place my CPAP order online?

We are working on completing a comprehensive website that will offer more information, the ability to place your CPAP order online and much more!

Q: Do I need a Prescription for my Supplies?

Most supplies do not require a prescription with us. We only require a prescription if you are purchasing a complete mask, a CPAP machine, or a CPAP humidifier. The rest are considered disposable parts and we do not require prescriptions.

Q: What is your Prescription Policy?

We do not require a prescription for most CPAP parts and supplies. We only require a prescription if you are purchasing a fully assembled mask, CPAP/Bipap Device, or CPAP humidifier.

Mask parts can be purchased separately without a prescription. For example, a fully assembled mask with headgear requires a prescription, but if you purchase a mask frame system and mask headgear as separate items it does not require a prescription.

Items requiring a prescription are marked as such and shipment of those products will be held until we can verify that we have a prescription for the items requested.

Q: Can I use my insurance?

We cannot bill on your behalf to the insurance company. The products and services that we offer are a retail only option. However, we can provide all information necessary for you to file you own claim to your insurance carrier (including: Our HME license info, Tax ID, Billing procedure codes for your products). Our primary goal is to save you time and money.

Q: Do I need to visit my doctor to get this started?

No you do not. You can purchase the Home Sleep Test package from us and we will coordinate your Home Sleep Test with a board certified Sleep Doctor who will review and interpret your results. If the test suggests that you have sleep apnea your CPAP and Supply RX and information will be included.

Q: What if I don’t like the mask that I buy from you? Can I send it back?

We have a 30 day mask guarantee. If you don’t like the one you purchased, you can exchange via store credit for a different mask. There is no limit to how many you can try. Our only goal is for you to be a Happy Long-Term customer.

Q: How will You know what product I use?

You can use our website to view images and descriptions of masks to help determine this. You can also call anytime and speak to a trained customer care team member that can help figure this out with ease. Then we can get your supplies set to you accurately and quickly.

Q: How will I get instruction and education on my equipment?

We can provide all the help that you need. From in person white glove delivery, to face to face chats including visual instructions over the internet, we can find the option that fits your time and budget allowance. We encourage our customers to stay in touch with us at all times.

Q: If I have a sleep study and prescription already can I use that?

Absolutely! We can use anything that you already have done to get you started with us. We provide everything that you need for Sleep Apnea, but you don’t have to use us for all of it.

Q: What is Compliance?

The industry standard for compliance with your pap device is described as using your CPAP for 4 or more hours per day 70% of the days in a 30 day period. If you use your devise for more than 4 hours on 21 out of 30 days, you are considered 70% compliant and would be considered a “compliant” person with your therapy. This information is used by your insurance company (if you are using insurance) to determine whether they will continue to authorize payment for your machine in most cases, and may be used as reason for a company to take the machine back from you. Your compliance statistics may also be used by your Company Compliance Officer or DOT Medical Examiner to determine whether you can renew your CDL for driving. When you purchase your products from CPAPmyway compliance is not a factor that has any bearing on you keeping your equipment. We understand that you have many obstacles along the way that can limit and prevent you from using the equipment from time to time. We will do everything in our power to make sure that we give you the utmost support in your journey to becoming compliant, but you will sleep easier at night knowing that there is no looming deadline determining whether you keep your equipment or not. Let us know how we can help!