Home Sleep Study to Test for Sleep Apnea – Only $195

Home Sleep Study Get tested for Sleep Apnea Only $195

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  • NO Prescription Necessary
  • DOT / CDL Approved
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  • No Hidden Fees
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Get tested for Sleep Apnea in the comfort of your own home with this easy-to-use sleep test kit.

No doctor visits or insurance red tape. It’s the fastest, affordable way to find out if you have sleep apnea.

The kit arrives at your door in a matter of days which makes getting results a quick process.

We typically have the results from the Doctor in 1-2 business days after you return the test. Results of the Test can be faxed anywhere you like.

You could have your test results in less than a week!

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Get a Home Sleep Study Test in 7 Easy Steps

Video instructions are included with your sleep test kit. Or, call 844-289-4789 for assistance from a trained support person.

  • STEP 1Purchase the Home Sleep Test Kit here.
  • STEP 2The sleep test kit is mailed to your home.
  • STEP 3You perform home sleep test for one night.
  • STEP 4Use Pre-Paid return label to return kit to us.
  • STEP 5Test is loaded to the system.
  • STEP 6A Board Certified Doctor reviews the test.
  • STEP 7Sleep test report is given to you.
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DOT / CDL Test Approved

Our sleep study test meets DOT and CDL test requirements. Take the test anywhere – no doctor’s appointment needed.

We have helped hundreds of Truck Drivers, Pilots, and Boat Captains get tested for Sleep Apnea all over the US. We know that time can be a big priority in these situations. That is why we get your Sleep Test done in as little as 1 week no matter where you are located.

The results are detailed by the Doctor so that you will have no question about what’s next. The results can be faxed or emailed anywhere you request.

  • Quick and Easy
  • Done at Home
  • Good for CDL/DOT Health Card
  • Board Certified Sleep Doctor Interpreted
  • Clear and Defined Results
  • Great Prices on CPAP Packages
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Sleep Apnea Sleep Study Questions and Answers…

Q: What is a Sleep Study?

A sleep study is simply a process of monitoring a person’s body position, breathing pattern, oxygen level, heart rate, and chest effort in order to determine if there are any sleep disorders such as sleep apnea that are preventing a person from getting the proper rest the body needs to function and remain healthy.

Q: What is a Home Sleep Study?

It used to be that a sleep study had to be conducted in a sleep study lab or facility with sophisticated equipment and a nurse monitoring you through the night. Many people had a hard time falling a sleep and staying a sleep in the sleep test lab, even people without a sleep disorder. Due to advancements in technology, it is now possible to do a sleep study at home using a Home Sleep Test kit. Now, people can get tested for sleep apnea at home in the comfort of their own bed.

Q: What is a Home Sleep Test?

A Home Sleep Test is a device that you wear at night. It has a chest belt, finger probe, and a Nasal Cannula. It uses these attachments to record body position, breathing pattern, oxygen level, heart rate, and chest effort. It allows a Doctor to compile all this information to determine if you have Sleep Apnea.

Q: How much does a sleep study cost?

The Home Sleep Test kit is only $195 without Insurance. This price includes the sleep test equipment and shipping both ways. No hidden fees.

Q: Do I need a Prescription for this Sleep Test?

We do not require a Prescription for a Self-Pay Sleep Test.

Q: Will this test work for my DOT health Card?

Yes. This test will work for your DOT Health Card needs. If the Doctor diagnosis you with Sleep Apnea and prescribes something additional like a CPAP machine. You may be required by the DOT clinic to perform the actions that Doctor has recommended.

Q: What happens if I need a CPAP Machine?

In many cases the Doctor will recommend treatment of Sleep Apnea via CPAP therapy. If that is the case we can offer you great prices on CPAP packages that will fit your needs. Additionally, we also offer compliance monitoring complimentary with all of our CPAPs. This allows us to report your compliance/usage to the DOT clinic you are working with.

Q: What is Considered Compliant on a CPAP?

Compliance Standards can be different from DOT clinic to clinic. It can also be different from Company Policy to Company Policy if you are employed by a Specific company. However, Industry Standards define compliance as using the CPAP 4 or more hours per day for 70% of the days you have it. Please click here for a detailed description of CPAP Compliance (link to compliance page).

Q: How much does a CPAP machine cost?

CPAP machines range in price. You will need to make sure that whichever CPAP you choose that you it will provide the long term compliance information that you need. We have packages starting at $695 that include EVERYTHING you need. Including Compliance reporting. Click here for our CPAP packages.

Q: How long do I use the sleep test?

The test is designed to be completed in just one night. However, if the test shows an incomplete red light it can be redone the following night to get a better result. The test will require a minim of 4 hours usage to be considered complete.

Q: How long does a sleep study take?

The most time-consuming part of the test is the shipping and it is typically 2 days shipping both directions. If you perform the test on the night that you receive the test the timeline will be: 2 days to get to you, 1 day to perform the test, 2 days to get back to us.

Q: What do sleep studies diagnose?

Sleep studies can reveal a variety of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, periodic limb movement disorder, restless legs syndrome, and other things like sleepwalking and REM sleep behavior disorder.

Q: What if I can’t sleep during a sleep study?

No worries. That’s exactly what the test is for. If you don’t usually have trouble falling a sleep, then try the test again the next night. If you continue to have a problem falling a sleep, you may have some sort of Insomnia which our test may determine.

Q: How long does it take to get my sleep study test results?

Once we receive the test back from you we typically have the results in 24-48 business hours.

Q: Where do I perform the sleep test?

The sleep test is performed wherever you sleep. That can be at home, in a sleeper cab, etc. No need to take time off for a night spent in a sleep lab.

* Sleep Study Test Results are provided within 1-2 days business days from the day we receive your completed sleep test.
* Same Day Shipping on orders placed Monday-Friday by 3:00 pm EST.