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How To Use CPAP

Do you think you might have Sleep Apnea and are looking for answers? Or, have you already been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and you’re looking for treatment or a cheaper, better alternative to your insurance?

We can help.

We’ve streamlined our processes to make it easier and cheaper for people to get an in-home sleep study and for people with Sleep Apnea to get the proper care they need without the frustrations of dealing with their insurance company.

Where to begin.

If you’re tired of searching the Internet for answers to your sleep apnea questions, we invite you to give us a call and our educated customer service agents will be happy to answer your questions and talk through your concerns to guide you to the best sleep disorder solution for your situation, fast!

What would you like to do?

  • Call 844-289-4789 to Speak to a Live Agent
  • Continue reading below to Explore How CPAP My Way Works

Don’t want to talk on the phone?

Maybe you’re not ready to talk to our awesome support agents.  That’s okay… In order to direct you to the information that best fits your specific needs, we need to learn a little about where you’re at with your concerns about Sleep Apnea.  For example, do you need testing for sleep apnea because you’re always tired?  Do you need replacement parts for your CPAP equipment in a common sense manor? Or, do you just need to pick up a mask or accessory?  Our customer usually fit in one of the following categories.

Pick the option below that best describes you:

I think I have Sleep Apnea, but not sure…


I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea


I already have a CPAP Machine


Choose Your Product or Service

Everything that we do at is based on giving the customer the option that best suits their lifestyle. Simply select the product or service that fits your needs. We don’t have the same rules as everyone else so we can customize everything to your needs.

  • Get tested for sleep apnea with our in home sleep study test (a true Home Sleep Test) interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep doctor.
  • Choose a therapy product that fits your comfort, budget and lifestyle.
  • Join the $1 CPAP club and get your disposable supplies automatically sent to you ON TIME every month.
  • Shop our products and accessories for CPAP.

If you don’t see the product or service that you need please Contact Us so that we have the opportunity to get you what you need YOUR WAY.

Receive Your Product or Service

Our staff will work with you to make certain that you receive the product or service that you have requested as fast and as complete as we are capable of providing. We can ship next day in most cases if you need something fast, or we can use inexpensive options to make sure that we fit into your budget.

It’s all about you and how we can do it YOUR WAY.

  • Choose a delivery method that suits your lifestyle. If you are a busy professional and you just want it fast with videos and instructions that you can go over in your own time we can do it. If you feel like you need some hands on education and instruction, we can do it that way.
  • Rely on our staff to coordinate the delivery of your product effectively and with clear communication.
  • Call anytime to get an update on the product or service that you have ordered.

Here to Support You.

What you do with your new life – That’s up to you!

Congratulations! Taking steps toward treating your sleep disorder is vitally important.

Now, get ready to experience a whole new life engaging with people in conversation, being better at your job, interacting with your children, taking up new hobbies and so much more.

Once you’re setup with your CPAP equipment, our job will be to provide CPAP support and educate you about your equipment to ensure that it’s working properly so you get the most benefit and a full night’s sleep, every night.  Of course, with your new “after-CPAP” life may come newfound relationships and new adventures… so if you don’t get a full night’s sleep because you were out until 1 AM with your friends – that’s up to you.

Get Started with CPAP … Your Way