Find Out about Sleep Apnea

I think I might have Sleep Apnea, but I’m not sure

The first step to getting a good night’s rest is to learn about sleep disorders and to get tested by a doctor to find out if you have Sleep Apnea and learn how we can help you overcome the sleep disorder.

Sleep Apnea is a serious diagnosis, and if you need help we provide it YOUR WAY.

Great… I have Sleep Apnea, what now?

Once you’ve taken the in-home sleep study and been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea by a doctor, now you need to decide how you’re going to treat your sleep apnea. There are a variety of ways including things like surgery, changes to your lifestyle and using a CPAP machine.

So, you’ve decided to go with CPAP and it’s now time to get your CPAP equipment.  This is all new to you, so you’re not really sure what the differences are and you’re ready to start getting good sleep, ASAP!  You can either contact our CPAP support line to help you understand the differences between CPAP machines and be guided through the process, or you can continue to the next step in our process – pick a CPAP Starter Package.