How Much Does A CPAP Machine Cost

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What’s the Cost for CPAP Machines? It’s a simple question, but a surprising answer. Find out what you need to know about insurance and CPAP. See how you can get what you need – without the hassle. believes you should be able to choose the CPAP equipment you want, and get refills on your supplies whenever you want – without spending a fortune or jumping through hoops.

Wondering how much a CPAP machine costs? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, one of the many questions running through your mind is about how much a CPAP machine costs. You’ll want to think about cost whether you’ve got medical insurance or not, and understand your options for getting the CPAP machine itself and the supplies you’ll need over time.

The Truth about CPAP Supply Costs and Insurance

One point you’ll want to remember as you do your research about the cost of CPAP machines is that your insurance company is not thrilled that you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea. They’d prefer not to cover medical equipment like CPAP machines – so once they apply your deductible and make you jump through some significant hoops to get the equipment you need, you can bet they’ll prefer for you to use the cheapest supplies on the market. You don’t have to settle for what the insurance company prefers – you can choose what you want and buy direct. You might be surprised to see that you end up spending less by buying direct than you’d spend by going through your insurance.

What Comes with a CPAP Machine?

It’s not just the CPAP machine you’ll need. There are also a few components you’ll need to buy, and some of them need to be replaced regularly to keep your machine clean and effective.

CPAP machines come in a pretty wide price range, depending on the features and the manufacturer. You can find them as inexpensive as $200 to as high as $3,000, and most fall somewhere in-between.

In addition to the CPAP machine, you’ve also got:

  • Your CPAP Mask There are several styles. Some cover just your nose (a nasal CPAP mask). Some cover just your mouth (an oral CPAP mask). Some cover both your nose and your mouth. We’re happy to help you choose the mask that’s the best fit for your face and your sleeping habits. Your mask should hold up well for quite some time. The time will depend on how well you take care of it. Changing the silicon replacement cushions regularly and staying away from overtightening the head straps will help with longevity.
  • Your Air Filters Your CPAP machine works by pumping a steady stream of pressurized, purified air into your airways to keep you breathing all night as you sleep. Just like the A/C system in your home, it’s critical to have clean air pumping through the system, which means you’ve got to have clean filters in place to filter out dust and pollutants. This will ensure clean air being passed to your lungs as well as ensuring that you CPAP machine lasts as long as it possibly can. Your filters need to be replaced every month, so count on this as an ongoing expense.
  • Your Cushions Silicon cushions make your CPAP machine comfortable to wear and also create a seal so that the pressurized air gets where it needs to go to keep your airway open, instead of just blowing through gaps between your mask and your face. The cushions need to be replaced regularly because they begin to harden as soon as they hit the open air. As they begin to harden you will lose the seal and leaks will occur. Once you have leaks you will
  • Your Tubing The tubing that delivers pressurized air from the CPAP machine into your airways must stay clean – and be replaced every few months. – in order to ensure you’re breathing clean, pure air.

Buy Your CPAP Supplies the Smart Way

It’s likely that you’re reading this right now because you’ve been buying your CPAP supplies the hard (and expensive) way up until now – and you’ve finally gotten fed up. Most CPAP users don’t know they’ve got alternatives to going through their insurance, waiting for doctor visits, and buying the entire CPAP kit even though all they need is a refill on their cushions, tubing, or filters.

By the time you figure in your insurance deductible, doctor’s visit, lost work, and being forced to buy a pre-set package of supplies, even with your insurance you’re likely paying a lot more than you should. Buying direct from allows you to order only what you need and have it shipped to you automatically – so you save money and never miss a night of CPAP use.

Why not give us a call to see how much you can save each year by buying through us rather than settling for what your insurance company thinks you should buy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Need to finance your CPAP? Learn more about our financing options.