How To Travel With A CPAP Machine

Airplane in flight - Travel with CPAP

Hitting the Road and Wondering about Traveling with a CPAP Machine? You really can take it with you. Helpful tips for air travel with a CPAP machine. How to deal with the TSA. makes it easy for you to get the supplies you need for your CPAP machine whether you’re home or away.

Don’t miss a night. Here’s how to travel with a CPAP machine.

For business or pleasure, you’ll want to know how to travel with a CPAP machine so you get the benefits of regular use. Travel can be a real pain – or a lovely pleasure, depending on the circumstances. Traveling takes on a few extra challenges when you’re dealing with sleep apnea. Here are some of our favorite tips for traveling with a CPAP machine. Use them to make taking your CPAP show on the road practically effortless.

Plan Ahead for Traveling with Your CPAP Machine

You’ll want to plan ahead for packing. Some CPAP users pack their equipment in their checked luggage – but many prefer to pack it in their carry-on bags. With airline baggage fees in the $25+ range per bag, this may be a more economical choice. Plus, there’s always the risk of lost luggage. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, your CPAP machine does NOT count as one of your carry-ons.

Be Prepared to Adapt (Your Plug, That Is)

If you’re traveling outside the country, don’t forget that you’ll need to bring electrical outlet adapters so you’ll be able to plug in. Most machines come equipped with universal power supplies, so you’ll be all set for any voltage.

Prep Your Machine

Before you hit the road, be sure to clean your machine and empty your humidifier’s reservoir (if your model has one). Also, pack extras, so you aren’t stuck without a cushion or filter if something happens to the one you’re using currently.

Got an Overnight Flight?

If you’re going on a long flight, be sure to check with your airline to make sure your model meets FAA standards. Some airlines require 48-hour notice before allowing a passenger to use a CPAP machine in-flight. Also, choose a seat that features an electrical outlet. You might feel a little strange using your CPAP in public like this, but you may not even be the only passenger doing so. Going even a night without CPAP therapy can set your progress back, so do what you can to stay consistent. Buy a bottle of water once you pass security, if you’ve got a humidifier. Do not use tap water.

What about the TSA?

TSA agents are now pretty used to seeing CPAP machines come through the security checkpoints. However, you might want to grab a medical equipment luggage tag to attach to your case, just in case. Your machine will have to go through the x-ray. Most likely, you’ll need to take the machine out of its case and run it through in a bin by itself. Some travelers prefer to put their equipment into a clear plastic bag before running it through the x-ray machine.

Overall, traveling with your CPAP machine turns out to be easier than leaving it at home – and once you count in all the benefits you get from consistent usage, it’s a no-brainer. You’ll have to adjust how you plan your trips and pack your bags, but it will become easier with practice.

Here at, we’re dedicated to helping make using your CPAP machine as easy and affordable as possible. That goes for when you’re at home – and when you’re on the go.

If we can help you with an extra set of cushions, tubing, or filters for your go bag, just let us know. With our automatic shipments, you can always add some extra supplies when you need them. As always, if you have questions or need advice for making your CPAP therapy work better for you, just ask.