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Getting a sleep disorder test doesn’t have to be in a cold room on an uncomfortable bed in the doctor’s office.  Sure, people still do that… but why would you when you can take an in-home sleep study test in the comfort of your own bed?  Not sure you need a sleep study?  Click here to take the survey.

Take an In-Home Sleep Study Test

Man getting sleep while doing in-home sleep test If you already know you need to take a sleep test to find out if you have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, then the easiest, most comfortable and convenient way is to do our in-home sleep study. It’s very simple – we ship the test to your home, you follow the steps provided, sleeping in your own bed at home, on your terms… no cold doctor’s office or foreign environment that will surely throw you off your sleep cycles. Ready to take the test?

Take the FREE Sleep Disorder Survey

Not sure if you’re a candidate for a sleep study? Why spend money on a test if you’re not really sure if your concerns about having a sleep disorder are real? Don’t worry… Simply take the free survey and we will review your answers and determine if we recommend you take the sleep study. Someone from our office will follow up to provide you with answers to any questions/concerns you include with your submission or have at the time of our call. Please complete the form and we’ll follow up within one business day!





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