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Is your insurance company limiting your CPAP machine options? Are they requiring a lot of rules and processes in order to get your new CPAP machine?

We understand your frustration. That’s why helps customers get their CPAP machines fast and often times for less cost than if they went through insurance!

Whether you were just diagnosed with sleep apnea and need a new CPAP machine or you’re replacing an old CPAP machine, we can help you get the best CPAP machine to fit your budget and give you the features that you want.

Buy new CPAP machines online and save! If you don’t know which CPAP machine to buy, let us help you decide. We have a knowledgable staff that is ready to help you navigate your options, explain the features and give you the best price for a CPAP machine and CPAP supplies such as a CPAP mask, cleaners, filters and more.

By the way, be sure to check out our CPAP complete package options for those just starting CPAP.

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Get a CPAP Prescription Online - $99.99

How To Get a Presecription for a CPAP Machine

For your convenience, you can skip the doctor’s office and get a CPAP prescription online from one of the independent medical doctors we use to interpret our customers’ home sleep study results. Once receive your prescription, we will help you pick the best CPAP machine that fits your budget and lifestyle.

What to expect:

  1. Take our easy home sleep test.
  2. An independent medical doctor evaluates your sleep study results.
  3. If you need CPAP, the doctor writes a prescription for you to get a CPAP machine.
  4. We help you decide on your CPAP machine, mask and supplies.
  5. You receive your CPAP equipment in the mail.
  6. We provide free assistance with setting up and using your CPAP.

We understand that going to a doctor’s appointment for a CPAP prescription can be time consuming and frustrating at times. Additionally, dealing with your insurance and meeting their requirements can be exhausting.

Whether you need to renew your CPAP prescription or you are getting tested for CPAP for the first time, we make it easy to get a CPAP prescription online. Save time and money with our home sleep study and online CPAP prescription service.

Bundle and Save!

CPAP machines don’t come with a mask. So, if you’re not already a CPAP user, then you’ll also need to buy a CPAP mask to use with your new CPAP Machine.

Great News! If you need to buy a CPAP Mask, we offer CPAP Machine Starter Kits that include your CPAP machine, CPAP mask of your choice, and tubing & filters – Bundled together for a discounted price!

CPAP Packages Include:

  • CPAP Machine
  • CPAP Mask
  • 30 Day Mask Comfort Guarantee
  • Tubing & Filters
  • Free Shipping
  • Personal Support with Virtual Live Agent
  • Lifetime Compliance Monitoring (5 years)

Even existing CPAP users tend to opt for a bundle when they buy a new CPAP machine to benefit from the savings and to get a new, more comfortable CPAP mask.

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Let Us Help You Get Started

There are a variety of CPAP masks to choose from including brands such as AirFit, DreamWear, Quattro and styles including full face masks, nasal masks and nasal pillow masks. But don’t worry, CPAP My Way loves helping customers find the best CPAP mask for them and offers a 30 Day Mask Comfort Guarantee!

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Travel CPAP Machine

Traveling with CPAP just got easier! Get a great night’s rest wherever you travel with the best travel CPAP machine for your lifestyle.

If you use a CPAP machine and frequently travel for business or pleasure, you know how frustrating it can be to have to lug around your big CPAP machine. Now you can travel without the worry of losing/breaking your machine or the trouble of having to lug it around or pack it for the airplane.

Most top brands of CPAP machines also offer a travel CPAP machine. Due to the advancements in technology, these machines are much smaller in size making it easier to pack and carry. They are much less than the cost of the CPAP machine you would use at home which makes it very feasible to afford.

  • Affordable
  • Sleep Anywhere
  • Easy to Carry
  • Durable Construction
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What People Are Saying About CPAPmyway

CPAP Machine Questions and Answers…

Q: Where to buy CPAP Machines?

CPAP Machines should only be purchased from a Licensed Home Medical Equipment Dealer that is authorized to sell the Brand that they represent. CPAPmyway is both. Don’t worry about warranties or legality. We are the right place.

Q: Can I buy a CPAP machine without a sleep study?

The only thing necessary to purchase a CPAP is a valid prescription from your doctor. In many cases your Doctor will want a Sleep Study prior to issuing a prescription for CPAP. However, if you and your doctor agree that you certainly have Sleep Apnea and they issue a prescription for CPAP, that is all you need.

Q: Can I buy a CPAP machine without a prescription?

Many people ask, “Does a cpap machine require a prescription?” The answer is YES. However, you can get a prescription for CPAP if you order a Home Sleep Test with us and test positive for Sleep Apnea.

Q: What is a CPAP Machine?

CPAP stands up for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. So, a CPAP machine is a machine that provides Continuous Positive Airway Pressure via a CPAP Mask. That Positive airway pressure keeps your airways open and in turn keep you breathing. It is used for people diagnosed with Sleep Apnea which is where a person’s airways close or partially obstruct while a person is sleeping.

Q: What is a Bipap Machine?

Bipap Machine is a machine the provides and Inhalation and an Exhalation pressure instead of one constant pressure like a standard CPAP machine. It is used in may cases when a CPAP is not tolerated or in cases that are severe.

Q: CPAP vs Bipap

Only your Dr can determine whether a CPAP or BiPAP is best for you. In many cases a BiPAP is a secondary option after CPAP has been deemed ineffective or intolerable. In some cases the BiPAP is used for people with alternative Diagnosis such as Complex Apnea or COPD.

Q: What is an Auto CPAP?

An Auto CPAP or Auto-Titrating CPAP device is a CPAP machine that adjusts automatically to the most effective pressure for the person using the device. It will provide the most minimal pressure necessary to keep a person from having obstructions in the airway. This device will automatically adjust as a persons apnea gets better or worse over time or even in different sleeping positions.

Q: How much does a CPAP machine cost?

CPAP machines range in price. You will need to make sure that whichever CPAP you choose that you it will provide the long term compliance information that you need. We have packages starting at $695 that include EVERYTHING you need. Including Compliance reporting. Click here for our CPAP packages.

Q: Do you accept HSA and FSA cards?

Absolutely! You can use your HSA or FSA card at checkout just like a credit card. Or, call 844-289-4789 to place your order over the phone.

Q: Do you have Payment Plans?

Yes we do! We offer payment plans through CareCredit and PayPal Credit. Getting setup with a plan is simple. Feel free to call 844-289-4789 to learn more about the payment plans we offer and to place your order using your preferred payment plan.

Q: How does a CPAP machine work?

Most people on a CPAP machine are on it for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is when a person’s airways close or partially close while sleeping. A CPAP machine works by providing Continuous Positive Airway Pressure to a person’s airways which keeps them splinted open. In most cases these days Auto CPAP is ordered so that the machine adjusts to whatever is needed to keep the airway open.

Q: How to get a CPAP machine?

If you need a CPAP you are in the right place. Most people get tested for Sleep Apnea first to see that a CPAP is a necessary. After testing positive for Sleep Apnea a CPAP is typically prescribed. Once you have been prescribed CPAP you work with someone like CPAPmyway to determine the make and model of CPAP that fits your lifestyle and budget, and get back to sleeping well. At CPAPmyway we can help you from start to finish on that process.

Q: What does a CPAP machine look like?

CPAP machines range in size, weight and can look very different visually. Some fit in the palm of your hand and made specifically for travel. Others are geared specifically for the nightstand and are built for using at home. Most of them have a nice user interface that allow you to see what the machine is up to as well as to control the User Settings that are available to you. Let us know what you need from your CPAP and we can help you find the one that fits your lifestyle best.

Q: Do CPAP machines really work?

As always we recommend that you follow up with a physician to make sure that your CPAP machine is working for you. With that being said, CPAP Therapy is the Gold Standard for treating Sleep Apnea. It is very rare that the CPAP, when used appropriately, doesn’t work in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The thing that can keep a CPAP machine from working is when a person doesn’t use the CPAP or doesn’t have an appropriately fitting mask.

Q: What is the best CPAP machine?

Before we can say which CPAP machine is the best, we first need to determine which type of machine you want or need. The different types of machines available are: CPAPs, Bipaps, Auto CPAPs, Auto Bipaps, and Travel CPAPs. Once you’ve decided the best type of CPAP machine for you, then we can begin talking about the different brands available to buy.

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