CPAP Pricing – Cash Pay vs Insurance Coverage

Without insurance companies you Save Money, Receive Products Faster, and Get the CPAP Equipment that You Want
We give customers options (IE: Price, Product, Delivery Method, and Training). Our customers don’t have to subscribe to whatever the insurance company is shoving down their throat. Other Medical Equipment Companies billing insurance are paid a set price no matter what mask the customer receives. So many companies billing insurance often offer the least costly product alternative so that their profits can be maximized. Not Here…. Customers want to save money, so we offer Value Products, and if they want the most expensive top of the line CPAP equipment, they have that option as well. We offer all of this right along with everything that standard Medical Equipment Companies do like: equipment setup and education, providing compliance reports for your DOT officer or doctor, and following up on service and troubleshooting issues.

CPAP Financing

Sometimes the cost of buying a CPAP machine or CPAP accessories just isn’t feasible out-of-pocket. Although we do take all major credit cards, we also offer a variety of CPAP financing options for those who don’t have a way of paying for their CPAP and are unable to wait until they have the money on hand to buy their CPAP products. Learn more about our financing options for CPAP. Financing Options

No More Insurance Red Tape

  • NO MORE insurance red tape or hoops to jump through.
  • NO MORE Compliance Regulations/Mandates. Use it for what they consider a “compliant” period of time or they take the machine away
  • NO MORE Waiting for crazy authorizations
  • NO MORE Waiting for DR appointments or Delivery availability
  • NO MORE Making additional doctor visits
  • NO MORE Missing work for appointments
Because of higher deductibles you may end up paying for everything on your own regardless of whether you use your insurance or not. Many OSA patient are young and fairly healthy individuals. They don’t meet their deductible and this will be the most expensive medical issue in the entire life for quite some time. So they end up paying a rate that they didn’t negotiate or agree to (rates vary depending on equipment company contracts) and still have to adhere to all of the regulations that an insurance company requires. Many times the rates with Insurance are double and even triple what they can buy it for cash.

Faster Delivery of CPAP Products

We are faster. Many of our products don’t even require an RX prescription. Even if the item does require an RX we can ship for next day delivery once we receive the prescription. No wait whatsoever. Get Started

Cheaper than with Insurance

We will save you money. Get CPAP supplies for less than $1 per day (No RX required in most cases). If you are starting for the CPAP for the first time or needing a full upgrade we have CPAP Starter Bundles for as little as $599. All of this cost saving with the additional headache savings that would have come by going through the insurance company.