F20 HumidX HME

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  • Brand: ResMed
  • Product Code: F20 Humidx HME 3/pk

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F20 HumidX for AirMini Overview:

    The F20 HumidX HME now allows you to connect your AirFit F20 and your AirTouch F20 to your AirMini and keep you humidified. It comes as a 3 pack, and is available as a 6 pack. The F20 HumidX attaches inside of the mask by simply clicking into place. It is replaceable after 30 days. 
    An HME (heat Moisture Exchanger) allows you to stay humidified without using a HEated humidifier and adding in water. This is a great option for people that stay on the road frequently. 

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