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Hush Mouth Strips:

    The Hush Mouth Strips are a great new product. They help to significantly reduce open mouth snoring on or off of your CPAP. It gently adheres to your lips keeping your mouth closed and keeping you breathing through your nose. In the morning the strip peels off with ease.
*One pack includes 32 disposable strips.  
    The Hush Mouth strips are also a great alternative to a chinstrap. So many of our customers have struggled over the years with those clunky and uncomfortable chinstraps. Finally, there is a solution. They have no bands, or straps at all. It uses a simple and comfortable adhesive strip to cover your mouth and help you stay compliant with your Nasal CPAP mask.
    Maybe you have been using one of the larger full-face masks because of your mouth breathing. Thanks to the Hush Mouth strips, a nasal CPAP Mask may finally be an option for more CPAP users.

How to use your Hush Mouth Strips:

  1. 1) Wash and Dry Lips
  2. 2) Remove strip from the liner
  3. 3) Close your mouth and turn lips slightly inward
  4. 4) Apply strip on lip and press to seal



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