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Alternative to CPAP Prescription:

    If you have been considering an alternative to CPAP Therapy, then you are in the right place to get started. We now offer a prescription service so that you can get started on a CPAP Alternative as soon as possible. Not only do we carry some of the best alternative options, we now offer a service to obtain the Prescription necessary to get started. So whether you haven't been able to tolerate CPAP Therapy, or you just need a better option while traveling, then we now have a full service option for you.

    The process is super simple. Order this item as well as whichever CPAP Alternative you are in need of, and you are on your way. After your order is placed you will receive an electronic form where you will answer a few questions about yourself and the product that you are requesting. Then, we will forward this information to our partnering physician, where you will be issued a new Prescription for the Alternative of your choice. Your Alternative choice will be shipped as soon as the Prescription is completed. Usually in just 1 business day. 

CPAP Alternative Options:

Bongo Rx, myTAP, Optipillows



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