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 We don't really call it a mask, because it really isn't. The Bleep DreamPort CPAP interface is truly one of a kind. It has no headgear or straps at all, but works like a charm. If you have marks on your face or bad hair days due to your CPAP mask, it is time to try something new. The Bleep DreamPort uses a soft and comfortable 3M adhesive seal to seal perfectly below the nose. It isn't really a nasal pillow and it isn't really a nasal's the DreamPort.


It is important that you clean you nose thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner to ensure an effective seal.



  • No Headgear or Straps- The DreamPort uses a 3m Adhesive seal to seal at the nostril. This provides a completely unique and effective seal. Say goodbye to the marks on your face and the bad hair days.
  • Lightweight Design- With no headgear the DreamPort is lighter than most masks on the market.
  • Quiet Operation-  Operating at about 26 dBA the DreamPort is as quiet as a whisper.
  • Easy Maintenance- The 3M adhesive seals are disposable. So you have a fresh clean seal every night.
  • Hypoallergenic- The DreamPort is Latex free.
  • Universal Compatibility- The 10 in short hose adapter allows you to connect to all standard CPAP machines.  
  • Universal Sizing- Don't worry about the size of your nose. The DreamPort is a one-size-fits-all.  



 Sound Levelabout 26 dBA 

Operating Pressure Range



What's Included:

  • DreamWay Interface with 10 inch Universal Connection Tube
  • Bleep DreamPort (32 pack of adhesives/16-night supply)
  • Instructional Guide Booklet 


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