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  • Brand: Liviliti
  • Product Code: Paptizer Smart Sanitizer

    Whether you are disinfecting your CPAP Equipment and Supplies, or you are keeping other household items sterile the new Paptizer is a great option. The Liviliti Paptizer uses UV-C LEDs in a multi-directional fashion to sterilize anything that fits inside in just 3 minutes. No odor, no noise, no hassle.  


Paptizer Sterilizer Features: 

  • Clean anything that fits inside the Paptizer- With the largest capacity on the market (11.9" X 10.59" X 6.06") you can clean everything from CPAP Supplies, to PPE Equipment to remote controls.
  • UVC LED kills germs, viruses, and bacteria by destroying the DNA and RNA structure. It is used in medical institutions everywhere, now available for you at home.  
  • Multi-directional application - In many other models you have mirrored sides to reflect the UV light, but in the Paptizer there are 40 individual UV-C LEDs coming from 5 sides to ensure proper sterilization.
  • Quick and Effective - The Paptizer kills 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, and germs in just 3 minutes.  
  • Simple Design - Simply place the items you want to sterilize inside the Paptizer and turn the unit on. 3 minutes later the items are sterile.  


Paptizer Sterilizer Specifications:

 Model Number


 Warranty 2 Years 
Power Specifications  Type-C USB, 27W 
 Dimensions 9.45"X7.68"X4.72" (inner) 11.89"X10.59"X6.06" (Outer) 
 UVC LED Quantity 40 LEDs 
UVC Wavelength 260-280nm 
UVC LED Lifespan 

10,000 Hours 

Weight  4.29 lbs 
Operating Temperature  32F to 104F 
Humidity    5% to about 95%

3 Sterilization Options on the Liviliti Paptizer:

1) Fast Sterilization

The Fast Sterilize feature is an industry leading 3min sterilization of your product. Once the cycle is complete the product is ready for use. No chemicals and no product downtime!

2) Sterilize, Deodorize and Sterile Storage

This is a two step cycle of cleaning. Step 1 consists of a 3 minute cycle of sterilization and deodorizing. The unit then proceeds to step 2 Sterile Storage where the unit will run low light UVC LEDs keeping the inner object sterile for up to 24 hours and ready for use.

3) Sterilize, Deodorize, Smart Dry, and Sterile Storage

This is a multi function cycle of cleaning. It begins with step 1 a 3 minute cycle of sterilization and deodorizing. The unit then begins step 2 a 60 minute smart drying cycle with an internal fan and temperature control maintaining an inside temperature of 86 to 95 degrees. Once the initial 60min cycle completes a sensor will take a reading based on several internal values. The unit then runs another 30min, 60min, or 90min in the smart drying and temperature control mode or advances the unit to Sterile Storage . Step 3 once in Sterile Storage the top LED display lights will follow each other in a circular motion. The unit will then run low light UVC LEDs keeping the inner object sterile for up to 24 hours and ready for use. The units fan will also run an additional 4-6 minutes once all is completed to remove heat from the computer chips within the unit. No objects with batteries such as cell phones should be used in this mode as it could cause damage. See additional details in the instruction manual. 

Liviliti Paptizer Demonstration Video:

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