Freedom AirMini Adapter

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Take your AirMini on the go anywhere with the New AirMini 24 Volt adapter for the Freedom CPAP Battery. This adapter makes an easy and efficient conversion from the 12 Volt Battery to the 24 Volt AirMini system. This ensures that the AirMini can be powered for much longer periods of time. With a Single Battery the AirMini can last up to 3 nights and with a Double Battery the AirMini can last as long as 6 nights.



  • Seamless Conversion- the Freedom AirMini adapter converts directly from 12 Volt to 24 Volt. This means a longer run time that a conversion directly to AC 110 volt power.  
  • Longer Run Time- get up to 6 nights (with double battery) on your AirMini without connecting to power. Up to 3 nights on the Single Freedom Battery setup.

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