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 Zoey CPAP Cleaner Overview:

If you are looking for a CPAP Cleaner to simplify your life on CPAP, then the Zoey CPAP Cleaner needs to be on your short list.  The Zoey CPAP Cleaner is an Ozone CPAP Cleaner. It does this by taking Oxygen from your room air and charging the oxygen to create 03. This is the same processed used in cleaning produce, water, and other Medical Equipment. The Zoey creates enough ozone to completely kill all Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria hiding in your CPAP Equipment.

The Zoey CPAP Cleaner is a sleek and stylish design. It takes up much less room on the nightstand than it's nearest competitor. The Zoey uses a simple light system to let you know where it is in the process. Additionally the Zoey is extremely quiet during operation, and does not have any loud beeping that can be a little aggravating in other models. The Ozone is contained completely in the device so it is a very safe operation.


Zoey CPAP Cleaner Features:

  • Safely and Thoroughly Cleans- your CPAP Mask, Headgear, Tubing, and Humidifier without any water or chemicals. The Zoey CPAP Cleaner is a fully enclosed system which means that Ozone is circulated throughout the Mask, Tubing, and Humidifier providing a truly thorough clean.
  • Uses Ozone or 03- which is used in the cleaning of many other products. Such as: fruit, water, and other medical products.
  • Fast and Easy- the Zoey CPAP Cleaner cleans in just 20 minutes and converts the Activated Oxygen (ozone) back to breathable oxygen in less than 2 hours. Just place your mask in the chamber, plug in your tubing, and press go.
  • Works with all CPAP models- the Zoey can be used on all CPAP Machines. Some CPAPs require a very simple adapter to make the process as easy as possible. Check out the chart below for more information on those CPAP models.
  • Ozone Safety Sensor- makes sure that your tubing is connected properly to prevent ozone leaks in the system.
  • Simple delay setting- allows you to schedule your Zoey CPAP Cleaner for 1-3 hours later so that it will clean while you are gone. No tricky clocks to set, Just press the delay button 1-3 times to set it for a 1-3 hour delay. Simple and effective.
  • Long Term Filter- will operate for 120 cycles. So that means that if you clean your CPAP Equipment twice per week you will change your filter about once per year. The Zoey CPAP Cleaner will notify you that it is time to replace the filter when all 3 lights above the power button are illuminated yellow.


Zoey CPAP Cleaner Specifications:


 9.25" Long X 5.25 Wide X 5.5 Tall
Weight  2 lbs 12 oz
Clean Time  20 Minutes Cleaning <2hrs Total Vent Time
Warranty  2 Years
Battery  None
Adapters Needed  None (universal adapter included)
Filter Replacement Frequency  After 120 complete cycles
Cleaner Class  Ozone


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