Zoey Filter Kit

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This Filter Kit includes the Filter and the Check Valve. Both items are to be replaced after 120 Complete Cycles on your Zoey CPAP Cleaner. The Zoey will alert you to change the filter by illuminating all 3 lights yellow. Once this happens you will need to change out both the Filter and the Check Valve before resetting your Zoey for new filters.


How to Change out your Zoey Filters:

  1. Remove the Old Filter by pulling back on the tab and the Check Valve from the supply tube.
  2. Insert the New Filter-Vent side first and clip into place. 
  3. Insert the Check Valve into the Supply Tube. Making sure that the arrow pointing towards the CPAP is pointed in the right direction.  
  4. Reset your Zoey for new filters by pressing and holding both power and delay buttons together until the lights tur green.

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