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Maybe you're concerned that you could unexpectedly lose power, maybe you like to go primitive camping, or maybe you just want a backup plan. No matter what your reasoning have a CPAP battery is a great plan. This battery can work with almost any CPAP machine on the market with the appropriate DC power supply.


Q: How long will the battery power my machine?
A: The longevity of the battery will depend on your machine settings as well as whether or not you use a heated humidifier. The lower your setting are the longer the battery will power the unit. If you are using a heated humidifier you will significantly reduce the time of use that the battery will provide. On average the battery will power your unit from 8-20 hrs.

Q: Are these CPAP Battery Packs safe for travel?
A: Yes, these cpap battery packs are safe for travel on any airline, domestic and international. The battery fits all of the Department of Transportation regulations which are batteries must be under 300 watt hours or 25g Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC). The specifications on our battery are: 12 volt output, 14.7 volt input, and 7.8 amp hour. For traveling purposes those specs convert to 115 watt hours or 9.7 ELC, well under the requirements. So rest assured if you are traveling you will be able to take the battery on the airline separate from your carry on.

Q: How does this battery compare to others?
A: Our battery is a 7.8 Amp Hour while some of our competitors are at 6.6 or less. That means our battery will last longer and take less time to recharge. Also, this battery is the least expensive battery pack on the market.

Q: Are these CPAP Battery Packs compatible with my CPAP machine?
A: Yes, these CPAP battery packs are compatible with just about every cpap machine. Any machine that has a DC-12 cable (cigarette lighter end) will work with this battery. If you do not have a DC-12 cigarette lighter-ended cable for your CPAP machine, you may purchase one from your CPAP machine manufacturer.

Q: Do I need a Pure Sine Wave Inverter for my cpap battery pack?
A: No, the travel cpap battery will not work with a pure sine wave inverter. You only need the DC-12 cable.

Q: Can I charge the battery in my car?
A: Yes, you can charge the CPAP battery in your car with the use of an inverter that has at least 150W of continuous output. We do not recommend charging the battery directly through the cigarette lighter receptacle because it can cause damage to your car battery and/or the CPAP battery.

Q: Can I use my heated humidifier with this travel cpap battery pack?
A: Yes, you can still use your humidifier with the cpap battery, but keep in mind that it will drain the battery a lot faster and therefore may only allow you 1 nights sleep before having to re-charge it.

Q: How long will it take me to charge my CPAP battery pack?
A: On average it takes 5 hours to fully charge your cpap portable battery pack.

Q: How many uses will I get out of my battery?
A: Between 400-500 charges.

Q: Will the cpap battery pack work with other devices that will plug into it?
A: Do not plug any other device into your cpap battery pack, the purpose is for cpap machines only. Any use of another device other than a cpap machine may cause damage to the battery.

Q: Do I have to worry about overcharging my cpap battery pack?
A: No, the circuitry is designed to not allow for over charging or under charging of your portable cpap battery.

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