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 The Apex XT Auto CPAP is a very small CPAP, designed to provide therapy at home or on the go. It can fit nicely on your nightstand or pack easily in your carry-on-luggage. At less than 30dBa the XT Auto provides an ultra-quiet operation. It comes equipped with an Integrated Heated Humidifier System. The Humidifier System can attach and detach with ease for traveling. You can download your XT Auto with the SD card or with the USB cable that are included with your purchase. The Apex XT Auto CPAP provides incredible bang for you buck.

The XT Auto CPAP is an Auto Adjusting CPAP that can be varied in range from 4-20cm.


XT Auto CPAP Features:

  • Auto-Adjusting Algorithm- Clinical trials have consistently demonstrated the APEX auto-CPAP can reduce AHI levels below 5.0 and increase SpO2 levels above 95%, while allowing patients to rest comfortably throughout the night
  • Compact Size-  Fits easily into your luggage because of the palm sized compact design.
  • PVA Pressure Variation Algorithm- The enhanced pressure stability and the clinically proven PVA pressure variation algorithm makes it even more comfortable during exhalation.
  • Enhanced pressure Stability-  The enhanced pressure stability avoids additional work of breathing and makes better patient synchrony.
  • Quiet operation-  The delicate technical design ensures an ultra quiet noise level during operation.
  • Integrated Heated Humidifier-  XT Heated Humidifier is integrated with XT series CPAP system. It has 6 heating levels to provide the most optimal humidification according to individual needs.
  • Easy Interface- The LCD display with backlit is clear to read, and the intuitive user interface is easy to use.
  • Built in power Supply- No external bulky power supply brick. it is all internal for easy travel.
  • SD Card Downloading- Use the SD card to obtain usage and compliance information on your CPAP.  
  • USB Cord Downloading- Connect to your computer.


XT Auto CPAP Specifications: 

 Pressure Range

4.0-20.0cm Auto Adjusting

 Ramp Time0-45 minutes 
 Dimensions 5.8” x 5” x 3.9” ( 14.8 cm x 12.8 cm x 10 cm )
 Weight 1.76 lb ( 800 g )
 Power Supply 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz, Universal power supply


What's Included:

  1. Carry bag
  2. Filter (1pc)
  3. XT machine
  4. Power cord
  5. SD Card 
  6. USB Cord 
  7. 6’ CPAP tubing
  8. Heated humidifier user manual
  9. Water chamber
  10. Extraction tool
  11. Heated humidifier 


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