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 The Dreamstation CPAP Auto is a great unit. It is has a small footprint on the nightstand and is very lightweight for traveling. Connectivity options make this CPAP a great option for staying in tune with your physician or provider. This machine can use auto settings to adjust to the pressure that suits you best or a fixed pressure for those who know what pressure works best for them. Your physician will evaluate you for the therapy that suits you best. 

Additionally the DreamStation Auto comes with a removable Heated Humidifier System. It is one of the only new Home CPAP machines that still has this feature. This means that you can separate your DreamStation Auto from the Heated Humidifier and travel with half the footprint. It really is a bit of a 2 for, because of its ability to travel so well in addition to the full Home Heated Humidifier System.



  • Versatile Design- The DreamStation Auto has the ability to be used with the integrated Heated Humidifier or without for travel purposes
  • Modern Look- It has an all white design with a small profile on your night stand.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity- No matter where your travels take you, stay connected to your Smartphone. The Bluetooth link allows you to track your Data via the DreamMapper app, but can also upload your data. So if you frequent overseas or work on a ship in the Atlantic as long as your Smartphone is linked to your DreamMapper app and ha access to wifi or cell towers your data will be communicated.
  • Reliability- The DreamStation Auto comes with a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty, and is a truly reliable unit.
  • Easy Maintenance- Easy to clean humidifier and filter system makes it a breeze.  
  • Advanced Functionalities- Comfortable Auto Algorithm, A-flex pressure relief, auto-start, leak detection, and Smartramp technology make the DreamStation Auto effective without sacrificing any comfort.
  • Quiet- At only 25.8 decibels the DreamStation auto is virtually silent.  




11.7" x 7.6"  x 3.3" with Humidifier

7.6" x 6.2" x 3.3" without Humidifier 


4.4 lbs with Humidifier

2.9 lbs without Humidifier 

 Power Specifications 120-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
 Warranty2 Years 


What's Included:

  • DreamStation Auto CPAP
  • Heated Humidifier
  • 15 mm 6 ft CPAP Tubing
  • Disposable Ultrafine Filter
  • Washable filter
  • Power Supply
  • SD Card
  • Travel Case
  • Manual 


RX Required...but we can help with that too.  Learn More about our Prescription Service (click here)


 DreamStation Setup Instructional- learn how to unpack, setup, and operate your new DreamStation Auto CPAP with the video below.


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