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This is the Brevida Headgear only. It comes with all necessary part to attach to your Brevida Mask. This fully and easily adjustable headgear makes wearing, fitting, and using this mask extremely easy. The headgear has little grooves that take pressure off of the Velcro which makes this headgear last even longer. It is extremely soft and comfortable.


Mask Info: 

Brevida is the latest and greatest Nasal Pillow Mask from Fisher and Paykel. It features a lot of what you find in the previous pillow mask (Pilairo) from Fisher and Paykel, but takes it to a whole new level. After a ton of customer based research they designed the Brevida with new simple and adjustable headgear so that fitting your mask is extremely easy.



  • AirPillow seal- allows the mask to seal effectively with very little headgear tension
  • Fully Adjustable headgear- which allows the straps to be easily adjusted to comfort 
  •  Washable Diffuser- reduces exhalation noise and is washable
  • Visiblue attachment- allow easy attachment of replacement parts 

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