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ResMed AirFit F30 Overview:

Meet ResMed AirFit F30 – a smaller style full face mask. It’s designed to sit low on – and cover less of the face to prevent top-of-the-nose red marks. Feel more confident using therapy around loved ones with a simple, yet effective mask that gives you a modern look.
In a recent study, CPAP users preferred AirFit F30 over the market-leading, minimal-contact full face mask nearly 2 to 1, and a majority of them found it more comfortable and easier to use. Plus, this minimal-contact mask is perfect for wearing glasses, sleeping on your side and helping you feel less claustrophobic.
AirFit F30 is so quiet, you may barely hear it. Featuring small, multidirectional openings over a widespread area, QuietAir vent technology in the elbow of the mask breaks up exhaled air so it’s spread out lightly. In a recent study, more than 95% of AirFit F30 trial participants noted the mask venting caused minimal sleep disruption for themselves and their bed partners. Eliminate the wall of pillows separating you from your loved one and curl up even closer.

This item includes the Headgear, Frame and Seal. 

AirFit F30 Features:

  • One Size fits all Headgear- allow the AirFit F30 contours to every unique face for an accurate, first-time fit. The 5 points of adjustment on the F30 allow you to account for the size and shape of your head with ease. 
    UltraCompact Cushion- is designed to seal the F30 securely at the bottom of the nose to prevent nasal bridge discomfort. It contours around the bottom of the nose to ensure a stable fit even when you move side-to-side. 
    Fits 93% of patients- the AirFit F30 delivered a good fit to 93% of study candidates. 
    QuietAir vent technology- breaks up exhaled air so it's spread out lightly. This makes the F30 the quietest minimal-contact face mask. Additionally, if your current mask is blasting your bed-partner with air all night, the F30 solves that problem for good. Not only does the QuietAir technology on the F30 makes it extremely quiet, but it directs the exhaled air so that it can not be felt.
    Magnetic mask clips- make it fast and easy to put the F30 on and take off. Even those who have dexterity issues like arthritis can attach the F30 easily. Just get the magnets close to the clasp, and they almost put the headgear on for you. 
    Quick-release elbow- allows patients to disconnect and reconnect the F30 to their tubing easily. If you struggle in the middle of the night taking your mask on and off to go to the bathroom or get a drink, then you have to consider the F30. The Quick-Release elbow on the F30 has an oversized finger clips that are super-easy to find in the dark. Just pinch them in slightly and it pulls free and allows to to breath normally through the opening on the front. You don't have to struggle with mask fitting in the middle of the night anymore.  

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AirFit F30 Accessories:

F30 Replacement Cushion

F30 Replacment Headgear

F30 Magnet Clips

F30 Elbow Clip

AirFit F30 Specifications:



Cushion Sizes 

Small (64150), Medium (64151)

Headgear Sizes 


Mask Category 

Full Face  CPAP Mask 

Manufacturer Warranty 

90 Days 

Part Numbers 

64101 Medium Mask Kit, 64100 Small Mask Kit

AirFit F30 Full Face Video: 

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