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AirMini Travel CPAP Starter Package:

    The AirMini Starter Package comes with literally everything that you need to get going on your new AirMini Travel CPAP. Don't worry about extra parts, picking the correct mask or needing anything else. The AirMini Starter package has it all. You get the AirMini Autoset Travel CPAP Machine, The Airmini Travel Case, your choice of AirMini Compatible Mask, AirMini Tubing, Extra AirMini HMEs, and extra AirMini Filters. Plus you get a 30 day exchange guarantee on the AirMini Mask.
    The AirMini Travel CPAP is an Auto CPAP. It can be set in Auto CPAP or Fixed pressure CPAP modes. It weighs in well under 1 pound and is only 5.4" x 3.3" x 2". It literally fits in the palm of your hand. By far the smallest Travel CPAP available on the market. You can travel the globe with ease of mind knowing that the AirMini can run  on 100-240 volts. So all that is needed is the appropriate converter for your overseas outlet. It also comes with the ability to link to the AirMini App to track your usage, compliance, and CPAP metrics. In addition to reporting that to you it will relay that back to us at CPAPmyway. This allows us to pull reports and assist with real time information on your AirMini CPAP.
    The AirMini does not use a Humidifier System at all. So don't worry about finding distilled water. Instead it uses an HME system that allows you to keep your airways from drying out without that bulky Heated Humidifier. The HMEs are disposable after 30 days and super easy to change out when needed.
    The AirMini is built to work with 1 of 4 ResMed CPAP Masks. The AirFit F20 Full Face, the AirFit N20 Nasal, the AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow mask, and the AirFit F30 Full Face. You can select the version that you would like to use with your AirMini.


What's Included in the AirMini Package:

  • AirMini AutoSet CPAP Machine
  • AirMini Compatible CPAP Mask 
  • AirMini Tubing 
  • AirMIni Small Clamshell Travel Case
  • AirMini HME 3 Pack
  • AirMini Filter 3 Pack
  • AirMini Power Supply
  • AirMini Drawstring Travel Bag
  • User Manual 


AirMini Travel CPAP Specifications:

 Dimensions 5.4" x 3.3" x 2"


 .66 lbs
 Sounds Level 25 dBa
 Warranty 2 years

Mask- P10, N30, F20, F30

Tubing- Airmini Tubing Only

Power Options-  AC Included 120-240 V, DC Adapter Available 

 Accessory Options

Battery- Off-Brand Only (IE: Portable Outlet)

Humidifier- AirMini HME Only

Travel Case- Small Hard-shell or Large Hard-shell Case

 Compliance AirMini App-Provides Full Compliance Downloads

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