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Need a CPAP for the first time, or just upgrading? You can save time, hassle, and money by buying everything that you need together. This package includes everything that you need to get started with Pap therapy. It is our Premium package so you get the Great ResMed Airsense Autoset or Dreamstation Auto machine along with your tubing, filter, mask of choice, one-on-one virtual instruction, and lifetime compliance monitoring.


We know that making the right mask choice can be a daunting decision so In addition to all that you get with our package we include a 30 day guarantee on mask satisfaction. If you don't like it, exchange it for one that is a better fit. That gives  you great peace of mind on making the right mask choice. We will also be very happy to discuss all of your options on mask before sending the package to you. We have great feedback from other customers and years of experience that we can pass along to you based on your preferences.


One thing that sets us apart is our commitment to making you a satisfied long term customer. That is why we include lifetime monitoring (5 years machine lifetime) of your therapy and compliance with this package. We receive a daily wireless download from your machine so that we can help you in real time with issues you may be having. It will tell us about compliance, mask leaking, equipment functionality, and give a great detailed view of you therapy. There's nothing that you have to do to make this happen. We prepay 5 years worth of cell tower fees associated with this monitoring and even link your doctor to this data FOR FREE. Just tell us who your doctor is and we make it happen.


Don't have a current CPAP Prescription? 

That is no problem at all.  If you are already on a CPAP simply add the Prescription Package to you cart and continue the checkout process. We will send you a very simple form to fill out so that a Board Certified Sleep Doctor can issue you a New Prescription for CPAP.

If you have never been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, but think that you might have it we can help there as well. Checkout our Home Sleep Test Package to lean about being tested for Sleep Apnea. It is a VERY quick and easy process that is done in a matter of days in you own home.  


What's Included with this package:

  • Dreamstation Auto or Airsense Autoset or Device (click for machine info)
  • Mask of Choice
  • One-on-One live virtual instruction from one of our equipment techs
  • Tubing
  • Filter
  • LIfetime Compliance Monitoring (5 years)
  • 30 day mask comfort guarantee
  • Free Shipping 


We pride ourselves on making you a happy and long-term customer. Give us a shot to help you today.  

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