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Luna 2 Package Overview:

If you are starting on CPAP and need a great option that doesn't break the bank, this is the package for you. This package offers all of the great features you need at an affordable price. It includes a 3B Luna 2 Auto CPAP, mask of choice, tubing, filters, one-on-one live instruction, and a great compliance reporting system. The Compliance System on this Luna 2 CPAP allows you to download and report your own CPAP Compliance reports. This is great for DOT/Truck Drivers and for CPAP users needing to follow up with their personal Doctor. 
The 3B Luna 2 Auto is a great unit with a full two year warranty. The Mask choice option will allow you to find your comfortable fit. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the masks on this CPAP Package as well. If you don't like the fit or its just not working for you, choose from one of the others we have featured on this listing. 
The Luna 2 Auto CPAP is quiet and comfortable. Don't sacrifice performance and comfort for price. The Luna 2 CPAP Package covers all the bases. 


What's Included:

  •  3B Luna 2 Auto CPAP 
  •  Mask of choice
  •  30 Day Mask Comfort guarantee
  •  Tubing
  •  Filters
  •  Travel Case
  •  Free Shipping
  •  Independent Compliance Reports


Mask Choices:

Rio 2 Nasal PillowViva NasalSiesta Full Face
All Mask options come as a "fit-pack" with all sizes included


Supply Bundle Details: 

    Add in the Supply Bundle to your order. It makes getting your replacement supplies super-simple and saves you up to 50% on those supplies. Your Supply Bundle will be shipped after you have time to acclimate to your new CPAP. This will give us plenty of time to get your mask choice and sizing finalized. The Supply Order does not ship the same day as your CPAP due to the fact that you may change Masks throughout the 30 day mask guarantee period. Supply plans can be adjusted or cancelled at any time. Look below for Supply Bundle Details. 

Plan90 Day6 MonthFull Year
Supplies Provided3 Mask Seals, 6 Filters, 1 Tube6 Mask Seals, 12 Filters, 2 Tube12 Mask Seals, 24 Filters, 4 Tubes

How to Setup your Luna 2 CPAP Machine:

How to get Compliance Reporting on the Luna 2 CPAP:   

There are 3 options for retrieving compliance on the 3B Luna 2 Auto CPAP. The reports that can be produced on this CPAP will work for your DOT records or for follow up with your Sleep Physician.
  • 1) Monitoring via the app- All that you have to do is download the Luna App on your smart phone. Then simply scan the QR code daily on your 3B Luna CPAP. Once you scan it your compliance information will be updated to you App and will allow you to see your data. This option will only give you information and will not produce a compliance report for medical purposes.   
  • 2) SD Card download at office- Your SD card can be mailed or brought in to our office where we can physically download the Data in real time for a full compliance report. We can print that report for you or fax to your Dr. 
  • 3) Download SD card on your own- You can visit and follow the instructions in our video below to download the SD card and print a report on your own. This option gives you the most independence, but will require some basic computer skills, a computer with SD card reader, and internet access. 


How to Download and Print your Luna 2 CPAP Compliance Report:

Luna 2 Auto CPAP Features:

  • Integrated Heated Humidifier- The Luna 2 Features a great heated humidifier system that allows you to adjust to your comfort. If you are feeling a little dry then turn it up the next night. 
  • 3.5" LCD Color Display- You will always have a clear understanding of what is going on with the Luna 2 CPAP. The over-sized 3.5" LCD screen shows you everything that you need to know. 
  • Automatic Altitude adjustment- Traveling is super-simple on the Luna 2. You can go from the beach in Florida to the Slopes in Colorado without worrying about ressure adjustment. The unit will automatically account for the altitude on it's own. 
  • RESlex Exhalation relief- The RESlex feature in the Luna 2 is great. It can be adjusted from 0-3 to allow you a much easier exhalation on your CPAP. 
  • Simple Compliance Reporting- with 365 day memory in the CPAP- Keep up with your own compliance reporting on the Luna 2. Works great for DOT medical card purposes.


Luna 2 Auto CPAP Specifications:


 10.75"w x 7.25"d x 4.5"h
 Weight 4.2 Pounds 
 Pressure Range 4-20 cm (auto and fixed pressure available 
Humidifier Range   0 - 5 (95°F - 154°F / 35°C - 68°C)
 Water Chamber Volume 360 mL 
Warranty  2 years 


Don't have a current CPAP Prescription? 

That is no problem at all.  If you are already on a CPAP simply add the Prescription Package to you cart and continue the checkout process. We will send you a very simple form to fill out so that a Board Certified Sleep Doctor can issue you a New Prescription for CPAP.

If you have never been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, but think that you might have it we can help there as well. Checkout our Home Sleep Test Package to lean about being tested for Sleep Apnea. It is a VERY quick and easy process that is done in a matter of days in you own home.  


Call anytime to hear more about this or any other package that we offer. (844) 289-4789 



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