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CPAP Therapy should NEVER slow you down. If your lifestyle takes you camping, on overseas flights, or to places where electricity may be spotty, worry no more. Our Off the Grid Package incorporates a top of the line Travel CPAP and Integrated Battery so that wherever your life takes you, CPAP therapy goes too.
This Package Consists of The DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP, the Dreamstation Go Battery, HME (Heat Moisture Exchange Kit), and the CPAP Mask of your choice. Also included is the reusable Dreamstation Go Filter and the DreamStation Go Micro Tubing. Our Off the Grid Package truly gets you anywhere you want to be.


Included in the Off-the-Grid Package:

  • DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP
  • DreamStation Go Battery
  • CPAP Mask of your Choice 
  • 2 HME (heat Moisture Exchange) Kits
  • DreamStation Go Micro Tubing
  • DreamStation Go Reusable Filter
With the DreamStation Go CPAP and the DreamStation Go Battery you can count on reliable and comfortable therapy wherever you go. The DreamStation Go Battery provides an average run time of right at 13hrs (at 10cm pressure). It allows you to sleep with your mind at ease regardless of the powers situation you are in. The DreamStation Go Battery connects to the DreamStation go Travel CPAP by clipping directly into the device. The cord then plugs directly into the battery. So that when you are in an area where power may be intermittent, the CPAP will transition seamlessly between battery and AC power without any sleep interruption. The battery charge is displayed on the color LCD touchscreen so there is never any estimation on how much battery is left.


The HME (heat Moisture Exchange) Kit is another life saver on this package. It is a disposable device that allows you to travel without the need for that bulky humidifier system. Don't spend another day searching for distilled water on the road. Simply place the HME Kit between the end of your CPAP Tubing and Your CPAP mask. The HME will recycle your own exhaled humidity so that you don't experience airway dryness.
The DreamStation Go Auto CPAP is a one of a kind CPAP. It incorporates everything that you have come to expect from a Philips Home CPAP into a small travel-friendly design. It also allows for a Standard Compliance Download. This ensures that you will be able to obtain appropriate Compliance reports for your Physician or for your DOT Health Card.


DreamStation Go CPAP Features: 

  • DreamMapper Compatible- Get the best app available on the sleep market for free with this unit. Get daily updates, sleep scores, and detailed reporting right to your phone. It can also sync your reporting from your home DreamStation CPAP to make the reporting seamless.
  • Bluetooth capable- Connect your phone directly to your CPAP, and connect to your DreamMapper App.
  • Color Touchscreen- By far the most advanced and user friendly CPAP experience you have ever had. Buttons are a thing of the past.
  • Easy Connect tubing- The all new 12 mm tubing comes along with your new Dreamstation Go, and allows less bulk in your carry-on and more flexibility in your sleep.
  • Built-in Power Option- The Dreamstation Go Battery snaps directly onto the CPAP and shows clearly on the touchscreen display. Get off the grid and enjoy yourself.
  • Micro SD card- Concerned about reports to your doctor....don't be. The micro SD card allows for normal downloads on your follow up appointments.
  • USB charging port- plug that cell phone in without sacrificing any extra bedside pugs. The USB port on the DreamStation Go will charge that phone with ease while you enjoy a great nights rest.
  • FAA Compliant- Don't drive the whole plane crazy by snoring on the flight. Take your CPAP with you on-board and arrive at your destination well rested.
  • Use any Mask- Already have a mask you like...keep using it. The Dreamstation Go comes with a universal adapter so that you can connect any mask you would like. Not all Travel CPAPs can say that.  
  • Altitude Adjustment-  The Auto Altitude Adjustment feature ensures that your therapy doesn't change just because your Altitude does.
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