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Don't Buy the whole mask when all you need are the replacement parts. SAVE SOME MONEY!

  • - Free Shipping
  • - 90 Day Supply $81.95 (3 cushions, 6 filters, 1 tube) 
  • - Upgrade to a yearly shipment at $295.95 (12 cushions, 24 filters, 4 tubes)
  • - Most Mask Make/Models included
  • - Schedule your auto-ship on your time frame. We ship on your schedule
  • - We verify Everything prior to shipment 


Now you can get replacement cushions/pillows, filters, and tubing every month without leaving your home.  No need for a doctor visit or prescription.  Simply sign up for a auto ship plan that meets your needs to ensure a comfortable night's rest.  Let us know what mask make/model and size you are using in the fields above. If you don't know or aren't sure just give us a call. We can help determine what you have with a couple short questions.

 CLICK HERE if you're looking for Full Face Auto-Ship Plans.

Plan Prices:

 Plan Type DescriptionPrice 
 90 Day/Quarterly Supply3 Replacement Cushions, 6 Disp Filters, 1 Standard Tube81.95 
Year Supply 12 Replacement Cushions, 24 Disp Filters, 4 Standard Tubes 295.95 

Replacing these parts will not only improve the functionality of your equipment, but it will also improve your therapy by ensuring that your products function properly. We make it easy by automating the process so that you don't have to be hassled or bothered about supplies ever again. Even if you usually buy your replacement parts with your insurance contracted supplies you need to consider this as an option before your next reorder. We have save people with deductibles huge money compared to their insurance contracted prices.

This package covers MOST nasal and nasal pillow mask types. If you aren't sure exactly what type of mask or machine you have it's no big deal. We have been doing this a very long time, and with a couple simple questions about your products will verify the exact products that you need. We will contact you to verify the products before we ship them. This product is also available by phone so feel free to call and speak with a Customer Service Representative.  844-289-4789 

These plans are referring to the quantity that you will be receiving. The plan includes one replacement cushion and two replacement filters per month in addition to one CPAP tube every 3 months. Shipping is also included in the cost. For instance the Yearly plan will include 12 Replacement Cushions, 24 Replacement Filters, and 4 Tubes. CLICK HERE if you're looking for Full Face Auto-Ship Plans.

» If you don’t see the plan you’d like, please call us for a custom plan. «

Customer Expectations: Customers will be contacted within 12 hours of their purchase of this membership. At that time the Customer Service Representative will verify all products needed, verify payment, and dispense the products at the Frequency and Quantity requested.

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