ClimateLineAir Oxy Tubing

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  • Brand: ResMed
  • Product Code: ClimateLineAir Oxy Tubing

    ClimateLineAir Oxy Overview:

    The ClimateLineAir Oxy CPAP Tube is designed to work with the AirSense and AirCurve ResMed CPAP and Bipap Machines. It give you all the comfort and effeciveness of the Standard ClimateLineAir CPAP Tube along with the ability to connect your Oxygen to your CPAP with ease. The Elbow of the ClimateLineAir Oxy Tube features a small nipple designed to fit the end of your oxygen tubing. Simply connect the Oxygen to the ClimateLineAir Oxy Tubing and you are combing both therapies. 


    ClimateLineAir Oxy Features:

      • Set and forget. Because the temperature sensor is built into the mask end of the ClimateLineAir tube, the temperature will remain at your preferred setting,  regardless of changes in the temperature or humidity in the room. The tube temperature can be set to anywhere between 60 and 86°F (16 and 30°C).
      • Easy to connect Oxygen port. 
      • Constant comfort. Consistent humidification throughout the night can be provided with the HumidAir™ humidifier.
      • Key technologies. New swivel connection for improved usability. The slim size of the ClimateLineAir tube offers flexibility, sleeping comfort and a reduced risk of getting caught up in your bedding.

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